Men's Lacrosse—Individual Records

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Colby Lacrosse Honor Roll
7 All-Americans (Kevin Plummer '89, Matt Williams '99, John Shea '02, Gabe Duncan-Roitman '02, Craig Bunker '11 (2009, 2010 2011), Whit McCarthy '10, Ian Deveau '13 (2012).

Individual Team Awards
1964-1973 - No Records Kept
1974 MVP Rocky Goodhope

MIP Aubrey Moore
1975 MVP Joth Davis

MIP Pete Shaw

E-S-G Doug Windsor
1976 MVP Joth Davis

MIP Shell Virden

E-S-G Charlie Burch
1977 MVP Tim Cameron

MIP Jeff Dropo

E-S-G Charlie Burch
1978 MVP Peter Crimmin

MIP Shawn Morrissey

E-S-G Rob Johnston, Rob Motley
1979 MVP Josh Burns, Bob Pomeroy

MIP Pat Fortin

E-S-G Chris Bauer
1980 MVP Pat Fortin, Joel Castleman

MIP Shota Aki

E-S-G Charles White
1981 MVP Josh Burns

MIP Richard Mutler

E-S-G Joel Castlemam
1982 MVP Patrick Fortin, Richard Vacherot

MIP Peter Ruggles

E-S-G Marc Jeton

* Millet Award* Patrick Fortin
1983 MVP Raymond Kelly, Dave Resnicoff

MIP Mark Burke

E-S-G Peter Ruggles
1984 MVP Henry 'Gus' Wilmerding

MIP Doug Parker

E-S-G Tom Claytor
1985 MVP Henry 'Gus' Wilmerding

MIP Mat Barry

Greg Shefron

E-S-G Tom Claytor
1986 MVP Henry 'Gus" Wilmerding

MIP William Holmes

E-S-G William Clapp
1987 MVP William Clapp

MIP Bruce Fugere

E-S-G William Holmes
1988 MVP Greg Cunningham

MIP Bruce Fougere

E-S-G Paul Deutch
1989 MVP Kevin Plummer

MIP Laurence Scoville

E-S-G Charles Burke
1990 MVP Eric Russman

MIP Chris Caponi

E-S-G Jeff Jones
1991 MVP Bruce Fougere, Greg Mahoney

MIP Mike Stanton

E-S-G Jason Mazzola

*Norman R. White Award* Eric Russman
1992 MVP Bruce Fugere

MIP Jeff Harris

E-S-G James Burke

Coaches Award Andy Benson, Greg Mahoney
1993 MVP Bill Bush

MIP Alex Talbot

E-S-G Jeff Harris, Franchot Tone, Andy Vernon

Iron Man Award Steve Davis, Jon Smith
1994 MVP Bill Bush

MIP Adam Wysor

E-S-G Brent McLean, Brian Emme

Rookie of the Year Seth Blumenthal

Iron Man Award Alex Talbot, Nick Maumenee, Ethan Platt
1995 MVP Brent McLean

MIP Benjamin Johnston, Justin Godbais

E-S-G P. Franchot Tone

Rookie of the Year Brian Frank
1996 MVP Brian Frank

MIP Clayton Houchin

E-S-G Brian Emme

Rookie of the Year Matthew Williams
1997 MVP Seth Blumenthal

MIP Lyle Bradley

E-S-G Bradley Selig

Rookie of the Year Jeffrey Boyer
1998 MVP Ben Johnston

MIP Jeremy Barron

E-S-G Scott Bridgman, Matt King

Rookie of the Year Ryan Kelly
1999 MVP Brad Selig

MIP Marc McEwen

E-S-G Brian Hiester, Jonathan Lay

Rookie of the Year John Shea
2000 MVP John Shea

MIP Ryan Kane

E-S-G Ian Nurse, Gabe Duncan-Roitman

Rookie of the Year Ben Winston
2001-12 to be added soon  
*MVP - Most Valuable Player
*MIP- Most Improved Player
*E-S-G - Ewell, Steinberg, Goodhope Award is given to the player who epitomizes Colby Lacrosse with a attitude, character, playing ability, and sportsmanship.

Individual Lacrosse Records
225 Matt Williams 1999
187 Josh Burns 1981
186 Eric Russman 1990
183 Bill Bush 1994
179 Ian Deveau 2013
178 Brent McLean 1995
170 Caddy Brooks 2009
152 Whit McCarthy 2010

Jeff Boyer 2000

73 Eric Russman 1990
67 Matt Williams 1999
64 Josh Burns 1981
64 Brent McLean 1995
56 Bill Bush 1994
52 Ian Deveau 2013
52 Whit McCarthy 2009
49 Ian Deveau  2011
48 Caddy Brooks 2009
48 John Jennings 2011 
43 John Jennings 2011
41 Whit McCarthy 2009
41 Brent McLean 1995
39 Kevin Plummer 1989
37 Josh Burns 1981
37 Mark Lobello 1990
36 Ian Deveau 2013

Eric Russman 1990

129 Brent McLean 1995
118 Whit McCarthy 2010
115 John Jennings 2013
101 Josh Burns 1981
100 Matt Williams 1999
100 Pat Fortin 1982
99 Ian Deveau 2013
97 Bill Bush 1994
91 Caddy Brooks 2009
89 Kevin Plummer 1989

Jeff Harris 1995

125 Matt Williams 1999
114 Eric Russman 1991
86 Josh Burns 1981
85 Bill Bush 1994
82 Greg McKillop 2013
80 Ian Deveau 2013
79 Caddy Brooks 2009
13 Joel Castleman 1981 vs. Plymouth State
8 Joel Castleman 1981 vs. Plymouth State
6 Josh Burns 1979 vs. Plymouth State
6 Bill Bush 1993 vs. Plymouth State
809 Brian Frank 1998
241 Brian Frank in 1996
31 Bruce Fougere ('92) vs. Conn. College in 1992
* Current player on the team

Individual League And Other Honors
1979 East-West All-Star Game Gary McCarthy
1981 East-West All-Star Game Josh Burns
1985 All-NESCAC Henry "Gus" Wilmerding
1986 All-NESCAC Mark Burke
1988 Hon. Mention All-NESCAC Greg Cunningham, Kevin Plummer

East-West All Star Game Joe Bisson, Paul Deutch
1989 All America Kevin Plummer

All-NESCAC Kevin Plummer

East-West All Star Game Kevin Plummer, Drew Simmons, Charlie Burke, Andy Ayers
1990 All-NESCAC Andrew Shpiz
1991 Div.III North-South Team Andrew Shpiz

East-West All Star Game Andrew Shpiz, Eric Russman
1992 Div. III North-South Team Andrew Benson

All-NESCAC Andrew Benson

East-West All Star Game Andrew Benson, Bruce Fougere, Greg Mahoney
1994 All-NESCAC Bill Bush

Second Team All New England Bill Bush

Hon. Mention All New England Andy Vernon

East-West All Star Game Bill Bush, Andy Colligan, Mike King
1995 Alternate North-South Team Brent McLean

East-West All Star Game Brent McLean, Franchot Tone, Andy Vernon

Hon. Mention All New England Andy Vernon
1996 East-West All Star Game Brian Emme, Brett Nardini
1997 East-West All Star Game Seth Blumenthal, Nick Maumenee

Hon. Mention All New England Lyle Bradley, Brian Frank
1998 East-West All Star Game Brian Frank, Matt King

Second Team All New England Matt Willams

Alternate North-South All-Star Game Brian Frank
1999 All America (Honorable Mention) Matt Williams

Academic All America Matt Williams

First Team All-NESCAC Matt Williams

Second Team All-NESCAC Pete Kugeler, Brad Selig

Honorable Mention All-NESCAC Mark Melander, Tuck Jones

Second Team All New England Brad Selig, Pete Kugeler

Hon. Mention All New England Mark Melander, Matt Williams

East-West All Star Game Matt Willams, Brad Selig
2000 East-West All Star Game Jeremy Barron, Jeff Boyer

Honorable Mention All-NESCAC John Shea
2001 NEILA Senior East-West Game Jonathan Lay
2002 All-America (honorable mention) Gabe Duncan-Roitman, John Shea
  First Team All-NESCAC Gabe Duncan-Roitman, John Shea

Second Team All-NESCAC Barron Butler, Ben Winston
2003 First Team All-NESCAC Ben Winston
2004 Second Team All-NESCAC Josh Cleaver
2006 ESPN District I All-Academic Kyle Haskett
2007 Second Team All-NESCAC Caddy Brooks
  Second Team All-New England Caddy Brooks, Drew Piekarski
  NEILA Senior East-West Game Dana McNally, Drew Piekarski
2009 All-America Team (honorable ment.) Craig Bunker
  First Team All-NESCAC Craig Bunker
  Second Team All-NESCAC Whit McCarthy
  USILA North-South Senior Game Caddy Brooks
2010 All-America (third team) Craig Bunker
  All-America (honorable mention) Whit McCarthy
  First Team All-NESCAC Craig Bunker, Whit McCarthy
  Rookie of the Year All-NESCAC Ian Deveau
  First Team All-New England Craig Bunker
  Second Team All-New England Whit McCarthy
  Rookie of the Year All-New England Ian Deveau
  NEILA East-West Senior Game Whit McCarthy
2011 All-America (first team) Craig Bunker
  USILA D3 Specialty Player of Year Craig Bunker
  First Team All-New England Craig Bunker
  Second Team All-New England Ian Deveau
  First Team All-NESCAC Craig Bunker
  Second Team All-NESCAC Ian Deveau
  USILA North/South Senior Game Chris Healy
  USILA North/South Senior Game Mark Squicciarino
  USILA North/South Senior Game Craig Bunker
  NEILA Senior All-Star Game Mark Squicciarino, Chris Healy, Craig Bunker
2012 All-America (second team) Ian Deveau
  First Team All-New England Ian Deveau
  Second Team All-New England John Jennings, Jonathan McIvor, Bjorn Knutson
  First Team All-NESCAC Ian Deveau
  Second Team All-NESCAC John Jennings, Jonathan McIvor
  USILA North/South Senior Game Jonathan McIvor
2013 First Team All-New England Ian Deveau
  Second Team All-New England John Jennings, Peter Willauer
  NESCAC Player of the Year Ian Deveau
  First Team All-NESCAC Ian Deveau
  Second Team All-NESCAC John Jennings