Sweet slalom victory for men's alpine team

Contact: William Sodoma
Date: January 23, 2010
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Vincent Lebrun-Fortin

JEFFERSONVILLE, Vt. --- Colby College alpine ski coach Danny Noyes has been waiting for his men's team to put together back-to-back good runs and win a meet in the slalom. He finally got his wish on Saturday when the Mules won the Saint Michael's Ski Carnival slalom event at Smuggler's Notch.

The Mules piled up 111 points to easily beat runner-up University of New Hampshire (100) and win the 10-team event. The Colby women were winners in 2004, but the men's team has not won a meet during this decade of ski carnival racing.

"Great day for Colby skiing," Noyes said. "We have had several opportunities during my three seasons here as the coach. We've been in first place after the first run four times. It just seemed that with this group it was only a matter of time before they finished a day."

Vincent Lebrun-Fortin continued his solid start to the season by placing third with runs of 46.43 and 47.89 for a two-run total time of 1:34.32. Josh Kernan placed fifth in 1:35.40 and first-year skier Marc Massie came up big by taking 12th place in 1:37.70. The result may have been even better if Brian Morgan (47.26 on the first run) had finished his second run.

Lebrun-Fortin was fifth, Morgan ninth, Kernan 14th, and Massie was in the late 20's after the first run.

"The set was difficult for the second run, compounded by the challenging terrain, and our guys hammered down where they could and skied smart on the sections where they had to," Noyes said. "The victory is a testament to the way they go at it each run, each day, putting their best foot forward because in alpine ski racing you never know what can happen."

The young Colby women's alpine team placed eighth behind Cassady Roberts, who took 24th place in 1:52.25.

Men's slalom team scores: 1. Colby 111; 2. New Hampshire 100; 3. Middlebury 91; 4. Dartmouth 90; 5. Vermont 86; 6. St. Lawrence 73; 7. Williams 68; 8. St. Michael's 65; 9. Bates 58; 10. Harvard 25

Colby men's results: 3. Vincent Lebrun-Fortin, 1:34.32 (46.43, 47.89); 5. Josh Kernan, 1:35.40 (47.71, 47.69); 12. Marc Massie, 1:37.70 (48.72, 48.98); 28. Justin Sperry, 1:43.10 (52.40, 50.70); 41. Nicholas Zeller, 2:07.02 (51.54, 1:15.48)

Women's slalom team scores: 1. New Hampshire 102; 2. Vermont 101; 3. Williams 99; 4. Dartmouth 93; 5. St. Lawrence 87; 6. Middlebury 80; 7. Bates 70; 8. Colby 50; 9. Harvard 49; 10. St. Michael's 46

Colby women's results: 24. Cassady Roberts, 1:52.25 (54.75, 57.50); 29. Katie Houser, 1:55.22 (55.27, 59.95); 30. Michelle Seares, 1:57.39 (58.70, 58.69); 38. Dana Breakstone, 2:06.10 (59.55, 1:06.55)




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