Squash teams fall to Yale

Contact: William Sodoma
Date: January 6, 2007
BRUNSWICK, Maine --- The Yale University squash teams each took 9-0 victories over Colby College in matches at Bowdoin College on Saturday.

The Yale women are ranked second nationally and won last year's national championship. The Yale men are currently fifth in the country.

Jake Leiby had the best result for either Colby team. He went five games at the men's second position before falling to Moshe Saferty.

The 12th-ranked Colby women will play host to Bates College at 5 p.m. Wednesday. The women and the 22nd-ranked men's team head to Yale this weekend ;for matches.

Men's match: Yale 9, Colby 0

#1 Max Samuel Y beat Ryan Maher C 2,2,5; #2 Moshe Saferty Y beat Jake Leiby C 0,(4), 2, (5), 1; #3 Honing Chiu Y beat Andy Carr C 2,4,5; #4 Todd Ruth Y beat Justin Russell C 1,4,2; #5 Francis johnson Y beat Harry Goldstein C 1,0,3; #6 Colin Campbell Y beat Gustaf Lonaeus C 0,2,0; #7 William Hatch Y beat Drew Moreland C 1,1,0; #8 Ethan Oettov Y beat Adam Goldfarb C 0,0,0; #9 Russell Feldman Y beat Ken Cramer C 2,0,2

Women's match: Yale 9, Colby 0

#1 Kate Rapisardia Y beat Stacy Petro C 0,1,1; #2 Lauren McCreny Y beat Samantha Smith C 0,0,1; #3 Alia Aziz Y beat Nina Delano C 0,0,0; #4 Sarah Berenbaum Y beat Jessica Vogel C 0,1,0; #5 Jessica Balderstan Y beat Catherine Monrad C 0,2,3; #6 Eli Hill Y beat Maddie Dufour C 5,0,1; #7 Kalin Ehinger Y beat Sophie Newbury C 4,3,4; #8 Kraithi Vinci Y beat Beth Cole C 0,0,3; #9 Katie Mandel Y beat Kate Dziedzic C 1,0,1

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