Men's squash handles Northwestern

Contact: William Sodoma
Date: February 11, 2007
WATERVILLE, Maine --- The Colby College men's squash team got easy wins from Ryan Maher at the second position and captain Andy Carr at the third spot to take a 7-2 win over Northwestern University in men's squash Sunday at the Dunaway Courts.

Justin Russell won at the fourth spot in four games for the Mules (8-12). Harry Goldstein, Brett Willis, Steve Holt and Gustaf Lonaeus also won matches for Colby.

Colby 7, Northwestern 2

1: Ed Gadient N  beat Jake Leiby  C  4,1,4; 2: Ryan Maher  C beat  Zaid Siddik  N  (6), 6,2,2; 3: Andy Carr  C  beat  Kelvin Ko  N  1,1,1; 4: Justin Russell  C  beat  Pranay Agarwal  N  (5), 6,3,2; 5: Harry Goldstein  C  beat  Eugene Kim  N  6,1,(1), 5; 6: Brett Willis  C beat  David Magill  N  4,0,5; 7: Steve Holt  C  beat  Andrew Park  N  5, 10-8, 10-9; 8:  Gustaf Lonaeus  C  beat  Nate Caro  N  4,4,10-8; 9: Ben Sussna N  beat  Adam Goldfarb  C  6, (5), 3,3

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