Women's tennis solid first day at NEWITT

Contact: William Sodoma
Date: October 16, 2009
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Sally Meehan

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. --- The Colby College women's tennis team played late into the night on Friday, but the Mules came away with some solid results at the New England Women's Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament (NEWITT).

Four of the five Colby teams advanced past the opening round on the first day of the NEWITT at three different sites (Smith, Mount Holyoke, Amherst).

"It was a long day with over 16 hours in the Smith and Mount Holyoke fieldhouses, but it was totally worth knowing we could compete against the top teams in the Northeast," Colby senior Tara Davidson said.

The Colby 5 team of Mckenzie Love and Sally Meehan won a round two match in the 'B' draw with a 3-0 victory over Smith 3. Love and Meehan won 8-2 in a doubles match against Annie Belmont and Rachel Canfora. Meehan had to fight hard for a 9-8 (4) victory over Canfora in singles play, while Love had an easier time with an 8-0 win over Belmont.

Love and Meehan opened play with a 3-0 round one victory over Curry earlier in the day. They cruised to an 8-1 victory at doubles and then both players easily won 8-0 in singles play.

The other 'B' draw team of Sarah Wiener and Sally Holmes also advanced to round two. The Colby 4 team took a 3-0 victory over Wellesley with an 8-1 win in doubles and then the pair combined to give up just three games in singles competition. Wiener and Holmes fell in a tough 2-1 match to Brandeis in round two. After falling 8-3 in doubles, Holmes had an 8-0 victory in her singles match and Wiener battled hard in an 8-6 loss in her match.

The Colby 2 team of Katie Muto and Caroline Reaves advanced past round one of the 'A' draw with a 3-0 victory against Connecticut College. The pair combined for a 9-8 (4) win over Caroline Barone and Britt Badik in doubles. Both Muto and Reaves had an easier time in singles with 8-1 victories. The Colby pair then fell 3-0 in round two to sixth-seeded MIT.

The Colby 1 team of Davidson and Katie Brezinski received an opening round bye and then fell 3-0 to Williams 4 in a round two match. Meanwhile, the Colby 3 team of Audrey Jacobsen and Kathryn Vergeyle fell 3-0 to Amherst 5 in the first round.

The NEWITT will mark the end of the fall season for the Mules as they tune up for the full spring schedule.

"The women competed well today and we are starting to believe in ourselves. We played smart, patient, and aggressive tennis," head coach Doanh Wang said. "The experience of the returners coupled with the energy of the first years combined for some inspiring tennis."


Draw A: Round 1

Colby 1 - BYE

Colby 2 defeated Connecticut College 2, 3-0

Doubles: Katie Muto/Caroline Reaves (C) def. Caroline Barone/Britt Badik, 9-8 (4) 1st singles: Katie Muto (C) def. Caroline Barone, 8-1 2nd singles: Caroline Reaves (C) def. Britt Badik, 8-1

Amherst 5 defeated Colby 3, 3-0

Doubles: Mimi Bell/Charlotte Wilinsky def. Audrey Jacobsen/Kathryn Vergeyle, 8-1 1st singles: Mimi Bell def. Audrey Jacobsen, 8-0 2nd singles: Charlotte Wilinsky def. Kathryn Vergeyle, 8-3

Round 2:

WIlliams 4 defeated Colby 1, 3-0

Doubles: Nancy Worley/Genny Loomis def. Katie Brezinski/Tara Davidson,


1st singles: Nancy Worley def. Katie Brezinski, 8-2 2nd singles:  Genny Loomis def. Tara Davidson, 8-4

MIT 1 (seeded 6th) defeated Colby 2, 3-0

Doubles: Leslie Hansen/Anastasia Vishnevetsky def. Katie Muto/Caroline Reaves, 8-0 1st singles: Leslie Hansen def. Katie Muto, 8-1 2nd singles: Anastasia Vishnevetsky def. Caroline Reaves, 8-3

Draw B: Round 1

Colby 4 defeated Wellesley 1, 3-0

Doubles: Sarah Wiener/Sally Holmes def. Stephanie Chu/Elena Bowen, 8-1 1st singles: Sarah Wiener def. Stephanie Chu, 8-1 2nd singles: Sally Holmes def. Elena Bowen, 8-2

Colby 5 defeated Curry 2, 3-0

Doubles: Mckenzie Love/Sally Meehan def. Jessica Spinale/Kate Johnson, 8-1

1st singles: Mckenzie Love def. Jessica Spinale, 8-0 2nd singles: Sally Meehan def. Kate Johnson, 8-0

Round 2:

Brandeis 2 def. Colby 4, 2-1

Doubles: Ariana Sanai/Nina Levine def. Sarah Wiener/Sally Holmes, 8-3 1st singles: Ariana Sanai def. Sarah Wiener, 8-6 2nd singles: Sally Holmes def. Nina Levine, 8-0

Colby 5 def. Smith 3, 3-0

Doubles: Mckenzie Love/Sally Meehan def. Annie Belmont/Rachel Canfora,


1st singles: Mckenzie Love def. Annie Belmont, 8-0 2nd singles: Sally Meehan def. Rachel Canfora, 9-8 (4)



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