Colby women's tennis team in third round

Contact: William Sodoma
Date: October 17, 2009
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Mckenzie Love

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. --- Colby College's Mckenzie Love and Sally Meehan fell 3-0 to a team from Williams College in the third round of the 'B' draw at the New England Women's Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament (NEWITT) on Saturday.

Love and Meehan, the Colby 5 team, fell 8-2 in doubles play to Caroline Capute and Veranika Li. Capute and Li then took singles wins against the Colby players.

In consolation round matches, just one round was completed  because of lack of court space. The Colby 1 team of Katie Brezinski and Tara Davidson took a 3-0 win against Suffolk 1. The Colby pair won 8-4 in doubles and Brezinski took an 8-6 win and Davidson won 8-2 in singles.

"I'm so proud of our team this weekend," Colby junior Katie Brezinski said. "We were each able to win this weekend be it in the main draw or the consolation round. I feel we represented Colby well and I know we will be a force this spring."

The Colby 3 team of Audrey Jacobsen and Kathryn Vergeyle notched a 3-0 win over a combined team from Babson and Roger Williams. Jacobsen  took an 8-2 win in her singles match and Vergeyle coasted to an 8-0 victory. The pair also took an 8-3 win in doubles.

Colby's 4 team of Sarah Wiener and Sally Holmes coasted to a 3-0 win over Babson 4 behind an 8-1 doubles win. Holmes breezed to an 8-0 win in her singles match and Wiener won 9-8 (2) in a tight battle.

The Colby 2 team of Katie Muto and Caroline Reaves fell 2-1 to Connecticut College 1. Muto took an 8-5 singles win and Reaves lost a tough 8-6 match.

"I'm happy our team, including our first years, stepped up to compete and showed us what we can look forward to this spring," Muto said.


Draw B:  Round 3

Williams 5 defeated Colby 5, 3-0

Doubles: Caroline Capute/Veranika Li def. Mckenzie Love/Sally Meehan,


1st singles: Caroline Capute def. Mckenzie Love, 6-0, 6-1 2nd singles: Veranika Li def. Sally Meehan, 6-2, 6-3

Consolations: Due to court unavailability, only one round of consolation matches were played.

Colby 1 defeated Suffolk 1, 3-0

Doubles: Katie Brezinski/Tara Davidson def. Alex Hernandez/Lauren Cameron, 8-4 1st singles: Katie Brezinski def. Alex Hernandez, 8-6 2nd singles: Tara Davidson def. Lauren Cameron, 8-2

Colby 3 defeated combo team Babson/Roger Williams, 3-0

Doubles: Audrey Jacobsen/Kathryn Vergeyle def. Caroline Hobert (B)/ Kristin Dono (RW), 8-3 1st singles: Audrey Jacobsen def. Caroline Hobert, 8-2 2nd singles: Kathryn Vergeyle def. Kristin Dono, 8-0

Conn 1 defeated Colby 2, 2-1

Doubles: Cassie Smith/Becca Heupel def. Katie Muto/Caroline Reaves, 8-3 1st singles: Katie Muto def. Cassie Smith, 8-5 2nd singles: Becca Heupel def. Caroline Reaves, 8-6

Colby 4 def. Babson 4, 3-0

Doubles: Sarah Wiener/Sally Holmes def. Gabriella Baez/Mikaela Stams, 8-1

1st singles: Sarah Wiener def. Mikaela Stams, 9-8 (2) 2nd singles: Sally Holmes def. Gabriella Baez, 8-0



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