Biology is a broad, rapidly changing scientific discipline.  The thirteen faculty members and five teaching associates are all broadly-trained biologists.  Collectively, we provide expertise in all levels of biology, from biomolecules to communities.  We are dedicated to providing a modern, integrated and broad education for our majors.  

We believe that first-hand experience in research is the best way for students to become first-rate biologists.  Virtually all of the laboratory components of our courses involve independent projects where students generate hypotheses and conduct self-designed experiments to test those hypotheses.  In addition, students may become research assistants with Biology faculty during the academic year or during the summer.  

Our facilities are excellent.  Special facilities include a four-capillary DNA sequencer, a microscopy suite, a flow cytometer, several laboratory microcomputer clusters, a well-equipped GIS laboratory, a cell culture facility, two greenhouses, herbarium, numerous environmental chambers, and animal and aquarium rooms. All of these facilities are available to Colby Biology majors.  The Perkins Arboretum and the Colby-Marston Bog provide excellent habitats for field studies.

Department graduates enroll in all fields of biology and in medical schools, dental schools, and veterinary colleges. Others are employed as research assistants, as teachers, and by private firms and government agencies.