Patti Easton
DNA Sequencing Technician
Office: Arey 204
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Frank Fekete
Professor of Biology
Courses Taught: Microorganisms and Society (BI133). Microbiology (BI248), Pathogenic Microbiology (BI348)
Research Interests: 
My students and I are studying the effects of environmental mercury in various systems (soil, sphagnum bogs, salmonid gastrointestinal tracts, and two species of fish pathogens) and how this toxic metal is providing selective pressure in the evolution of mercury-resistant bacterial strains.  In selecting for mercury-resistant microbial strains, the metal is also responsible for the co-selection of antibiotic-resistance determinants because genes responsible for both antibiotic- and mercury-resistance are linked genetically.  Mercury is a by-product of various industrial applications, in particular it is found in emissions from coal-fired electrical generation plants in the Midwest.  Atmospheric mercury is then deposited in the Maine environment via liquid precipitation.  Hence, over time, not only does mercury pose a serious environmental health threat, bacterial strains are evolving that show an increased incidence of resistance to antibiotics.  Conceivably, these genes could then be transferred horizontally to pathogens, making treatments of infectious disease with antibiotics non-efficacious.
Office: Arey 321
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Paul Greenwood
Associate Dean of Faculty, Professor of Biology and Leighton Research Fellow
Courses Taught: Cellular Basis of Life (BI163), Animal Cells, Tissues and Organs (BI315), Biochemistry (BC368), The Cell Cycle and Cancer (BI392)
Research Interests:
Cnidarian cellular biology and biochemistry
Office: Eustis 307
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Scott Guay
Senior Teaching Associate in Biology
Courses Taught: 
Cellular Basis of Life (BI163L), Evolution and Diversity (BI164L), Mammalian Physiology (BI275L)
Office: Olin 202
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Lynn Hannum
Associate Professor of Biology
Courses Taught: Cellular Basis of Life (BI163), Immunology (BI225), Advanced Immunology (BI325)
Research Interests:

Office: Arey 110
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