The Samuel Huntington Public Service Award

This award provides a $15,000 stipend to a graduating college senior to pursue public service anywhere in the world. The Award allows recipients to engage in a meaningful public service activity for one year before proceeding on to graduate school or a career. Please see attached for more information. Samuel Huntington Public Service Award


Alan Samuel Colt Biology Prize
2018- Jiaya Ye
2017- Baturay Ayedmir
2016- Amanda Corwin
2015- Megan Michie
2014- Katherine M. Faust and Alison E. Smith
2013- Chelsea A. Nickerson
2012- Mark D. Chaffin
2012– Sara A. Mason
2012- Ashley J. Oliver
2011– Peter Kirk
2010- Catarina Ruksznis

Webster Chester Biology Prize

2018- Jane S. Swart
2017- Anoush Longerstay and Rachel Prestigiacomo
2016- Seth Butler
2015- Laurel Edington
2014- Jessica L. Moore
2013- Elise M. Begin
2012-Jennifer B. Gemmell
2012-Mathew C. Silverman
2011-Sarah Martinez
2011-Nora McCall
2010-Kimberly B. Cohen

Thomas W. Easton Biology Prize


2018- Caitlin E. Lawlor
2018- Julia M. Park
2017- Hannah Insuik and Maddie Andrews
2016- Jamaal Grant
2015- Margaret Hefferon and Alexandra Jackson
2014- Kaitlin S. Curran
2013- Corey E. Reichler
2012- Jaclyn E. Johnson
2011- Mara Bensson
2010- Francess Still

Samuel R. Feldman Book Prize
2010-Eric Braunstein