Fall Semester Seminars 2017

All seminars will be held in Olin 1, at 1 pm.

September 15

Dr. Alexis Norris, Johns Hopkins

Title: “Bioinformatics: A Data Odyssey”

Host, Allison Moloney

October 27

Dr. Anna Zinovyeva, Kansas State University

Title: “microRNAs: what regulates these small but mighty gene repressors?”

Host, David Angelini

November 10

Dr. Michael Kinnison, U Maine

Title: “The Far-Flung Features of Fishes: A Story in Two Parts”

We often perceive fish and other organisms in terms of their identity as individuals of particular species that in turn have very specific local roles (niches) in their communities and ecosystems.  However, emerging research suggests that the roles of particular species are not really as fixed or localized as we often treat them.  Dr. Kinnison will present examples from two major areas of work in his lab, eco-evolutionary dynamics and environmental DNA (eDNA), that provide insights into why it can be useful to think about fish and other organisms in a more ‘far-flung’ fashion.

Host, Cathy Bevier

Previous Seminars available for download

Dr. Guy Palmer – Justice Potter Stewart and the Definition of Global Health

November 20, 2014

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