Associate Chair of Biology, Assistant Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Cellular Basis of Life (BI163), Neurobiology (BI274), Advanced Neurobiology (BI374)

Research Interests:  Characterization of neurodegenerative disorders and pharmacological agents in the Drosophiladisease models. Effect of ethanol and other pharmacological agents on the circadian rhythm using Drosophila model. Genetics of retinal degeneration using Drosophila model.

Office: Olin 342
Phone: x5722

Email: stahmad@colby.edu


DaveDave Angelini

Assistant Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Cellular Basis of Life (BI163), Genetics (BI279), Developmental Biology (BI332), Development, Genes, and Evolution (BI376)

Research Interests: Evolutionary developmental genetics; appendage patterning; and allometry in insects and other arthropods.

Office: Arey 112
Phone: x5734

Email: drangeli@colby.edu



Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Biodiversity (BI131), Evolution and Diversity (BI164), Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (BI276), Vertebrate Natural History (277), Animal Behavior (BI373), Behavioral and Physiological Ecology (BI452)

Research Interests: Behavioral and physiological ecology of vertebrates, especially frogs; ecosystem resilience to residential development in the Belgrade Lakes Watershed

Office: Arey 103
Phone: x5742


Email: crbevier@colby.edu


Susan Childers

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Courses Taught:

Research Interests:

Office: Olin 304
Phone: x5727

Email: susan.childers@colby.edu




Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Microorganisms and Society (BI133), Microbiology (BI248), Pathogenic Microbiology (BI348)

Research Interests: My students and I are studying the effects of environmental mercury in various systems (soil, sphagnum bogs, salmonid gastrointestinal tracts, and two species of fish pathogens) and how this toxic metal is providing selective pressure in the evolution of mercury-resistant bacterial strains.  In selecting for mercury-resistant microbial strains, the metal is also responsible for the co-selection of antibiotic-resistance determinants because genes responsible for both antibiotic- and mercury-resistance are linked genetically.  Mercury is a by-product of various industrial applications, in particular it is found in emissions from coal-fired electrical generation plants in the Midwest.  Atmospheric mercury is then deposited in the Maine environment via liquid precipitation.  Hence, over time, not only does mercury pose a serious environmental health threat, bacterial strains are evolving that show an increased incidence of resistance to antibiotics.  Conceivably, these genes could then be transferred horizontally to pathogens, making treatments of infectious disease with antibiotics non-efficacious.

Office: Arey 321
Phone: x5729

Email: fafekete@colby.edu


Chair of Biology, Associate Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Cellular Basis of Life (BI163), Immunology (BI225), Advanced Immunology (BI325)

Research Interests: Immunology working with Zebrafish.

Office: Arey 110
Phone: x5741

Email: lghannum@colby.edu


Russell Johnson

Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Cellular Basis of Life (BI163), Plant Physiology (BI214), Plants of the Tropics (BI259), Molecular Biology (BC378), Genetics (BI279)

Research Interests: Physiology and molecular biology of plant seed germination and development; characterization of genes and proteins that are involved in plant responses to the stress hormone abscisic acid.

Office:Arey 320
Phone: x5723

Email: russ.johnson@colby.edu


Thom Klepach

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Biochemistry of Food (BI197), Human Anatomy and Physiology (BI265j)

Research Interests:


Email: tklepach@colby.edu




Josh Martin

Assistant Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Cellular Basis of Life (BI163), Neurobiology (BI274), Advanced Neurobiology (BI374)

Research Interests: Control of movement, Visual tracking of targets, Behavioral neuroethology in insects

Office: Arey 009a

Phone: x5710


Allison Moloney

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Cell Biology (BI227), Medical Biochemistry (BC362)

Research Interests:

Office: Arey 114
Phone: x5717

Email: agalanis@colby.edu


Chris Moore

Assistant Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Introduction to Ecology (BI271), Ecological Modeling (BI382)

Research Interests: I am an ecologist concerned with the distribution and abundance of organisms. My specific area of study is how the distributions and abundances of organisms are affected by positive species interactions known as mutualism. Mutualism, sometimes referred to as cooperation, is where 2 or more species directly benefit from each other (in currencies such as survival or reproduction), in cases such as plants and pollinators, coral and zooxanthellae, and plants and seed-dispersing animals. I use both empirical and theoretical approaches to my work, and I am always eager to work with interested and motivated students.

Office: Olin 216
Phone: x5746

Email: cmmoore@colby.edu

Website: mutualismecology.com

Suegene Noh

Assistant Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Genomics (BI278), Evolutionary Analysis (BI320), Advanced Genomics (BI3xx)

Research Interests:

Office: Arey 113A
Phone: x5717

Email: suegene.noh@colby.edu


Ron Peck

Assistant Professor of  BiologyPeck picture for journal highlights

Courses Taught: Cellular Basis of Life (BI163), Parasitology (BI246), Genetics (BI279), Applied and Environmental Microbiology (BI451)

Research Interests: Physiology and molecular biology of microbes in extreme environments; novel mechanisms of regulation in biochemical pathways

Office: Arey 115A
Phone: x5748

Email: rfpeck@colby.edu


Judy2_adjJudy Stone

Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Evolution and Diversity (BI164), Taxonomy of Flowering Plants (BI211), Woody Plants (BI237), Plants of the Tropics (BI259), Evolution (BI320)

Research Interests: Evolutionary ecology, plant mating systems, seed dispersal, gene flow, colonization, range limits

Office: Arey 104
Phone: x5736

Email: jstone@colby.edu

Webpage: personal page


Photo23Andrea Tilden

Warren Merrill Associate Professor of Biology

Courses Taught: Biology of Race and Gender (BI245), Neurobiology (BI274), Mammalian Physiology (BI275), Advanced Neurobiology (BI374)

Research Interests: Circadian rhythms; behavioral, physiological, cellular, and molecular aspects of circadian processes using crustaceans as a model system; neuronal development; neural protein expression patterns.

Office: Olin 334
Phone: x5743

Email: artilden@colby.edu

whwilsonHerb Wilson

Leslie B. Arey Professor of the Biosciences

Courses Taught: The Science of Baseball (BI123), Evolution and Diversity (BI164), Marine Invertebrate Zooloogy (BI254), Winter Ecology (BI257), Ornithology (BI334), Community Ecology (BI354), Tropical Biology (BI358)

Research Interests: Impacts of climate change on the migration of Maine migratory breeding birds; winter foraging of Maine songbirds; ecology of damselflies, damselflies and butterflies

Office: Arey 113
Phone: x5739

Email: whwilson@colby.edu
Webpages: Personal page , Mainebirds