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Shoals Marine Laboratory Summer Courses

Shoals Marine Laboratory offers a wide variety of marine biology courses geared towards undergrads, from Sustainable Fisheries to Marine Mammals to Marine Environmental Science and Conservation! Need-based scholarships are available to all undergraduates with demonstrated need, as well as work study opportunities for enrolled students.

View the flyer here.

Challenge Projects

MindSumo challenges are a great opportunity to get work experience by applying the skills you’re learning in classes, win cash prizes, and prove yourself to potential employers.

Visit the website for more information:

University of Florida Fall Semester Veterinary Medicine Course

The University of Florida is offering several exciting online courses in the upcoming fall semester that are geared towards students interested in Veterinary Medicine. One of these courses included The Dog, which explores the anatomy, physiology, biology, etc. of dogs.

For more information, please visit The Dog or contact Dr. Patrick Larkin at

The Oceans Research Internship Program in South Africa

The Oceans Research Internship Program provides training opportunities for aspiring marine scientists, conservationists, and explorers. The program enables interns to join with the regions top marine scientists to investigates the biology of marine mega-fauna, including Great White sharks, rays, marine mammals, other shark species and oceanography.

For more information, please visit the Program Website.

Lemelson-MIT National Collegiate Student Prize Competition

The Lemelson-MIT National Collegiate Student Prize Competition is open to teams of inventive undergraduates and individual graduate students. Applicants submit their inventions in categories that represent significant sectors of the economy, which could be reimagined and improved through invention.

For more information, please visit Program Website, or download the Undergraduate Application.

Maine Scallop Research Fund Proposals

Maine Sea Grant invites proposals for collaborative research on the nearshore scallop fishery. Projects should contribute knowledge to the continued improvements in management of the scallop fishery in Maine state waters.

For more information, please visit

 Southern Teachers Agency

Southern Teachers is the premier placement agency for private schools int he South. Since 1902, we have helped tens of thousands of teachers-both rookie and experienced- find jobs from Maryland to Miami to Midland, Texas. Our services are free for candidates.

There is currently an unprecedented number of mid-year openings that our schools are trying to fill as soon as possible. Any December 2017 graduates who believe they will be a good biology teacher should complete this online application to become a candidate.

There will be a Job Fair on Super Bowl Saturday, February 3rd, in Atlanta, GA. This is the first major job fair of the season for private/independent schools in the South, which means that attending teachers will have first crack at hundreds of hobs at some of the best schools in the South.

For more information, please visit our website.

NHBS Best of Winter

The NHBS Best of Winter Entomology Collection showcases some of our best-loved and bestselling insect related products and includes an exciting selection of books, wildlife equipment, and gifts.

To see the full range, please visit our website.

University of Georgia

Integrated Life Sciences. Click here for more information.

Propel Careers

Making Connections that Fuel Innovation. Click here for more information.

STS Seminar

“The Troubled Escape from Lysenko’s Shadow: Problems of Heredity, Patriotism, and Scientific Temporality in Cold-War Migration of Chinese American Biologists”

Dr. Lijing Jiang, a Haas Postdoctoral Fellow, from the chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia will be giving a talk on January 17, 2018 at 4pm in Diamond 242.

The term pseudoscience, which Michael Gordin called “a term of abuse,” had wide valence in twentieth-century China. Having been previously used to mean “empty philosophy,” pseudoscience was attached to Mendelian-Morganist genetics when Lysenko’s doctrine dominated Chinese academic biology in the early 1950s. In the 1980s, however, the meaning of the term switched to refer to research practice perceived as factually suspicious and often politically powerful. This talk compares the experiences of two Chinese-American biologists, Ching Chun Li (1912-2003) and Man-Chiang Niu (1912-2007) who were criticized for practicing pseudoscience. It shows the ruptured notion of pseudoscience in China is probably best understood as consequence of and circumstance for a continuing transnational dialogue about the relation between science and politics. This account of pseudoscience in two eras in two nations challenges the prevalent historiography of science in twentieth-century China and demonstrates the pivotal role of traveling scientists during the economic reform in reinterpreting contemporary Chinese history.

Old York Garden Club

Each year the organization awards a scholarship to a deserving student majoring in Horticulture or related field. The applicant must be a legal resident of Maine, a full time student, and must have completed at least one full year of study. The application is available here.

Sustainable RIVER Summer Research Opportunities

RIVER (Remediating InVasives to Encourage Resilience) is a Sustainability Program at the University of South Dakota offering a NSF REU program this summer titled “Sustainable RIVER”. It is a full-time, paid, undergraduate research opportunity. In the Sustainable RIVER project, the students will investigate different invasive elements and cultural natural stressors affecting the Missouri River. The students will conduct an independent research project, participate in six field trips on and along the Missouri River, and produce a team project.

The project will run from May 29, 2018-August 3, 2018. Students participating in the project will receive a $5,500 stepped plus additional funding for food, housing, and travel. This project is open to any undergraduate student, but students from community or tribal colleges and students studying sustainability are especially encouraged to apply. Applications for the project can be submitted now through February 19, 2018. For more information click here.

For a flyer about this opportunity, click here.

DANTA Tropical Biology Field Courses 2018

DANTA’s courses are intended for undergraduates or early graduate level students who have a keen interest in tropical ecosystems and conservation, but have little or no experience of working in a tropical environment. Participants may enroll on either a credit or non-credit basis.

DANTA operates on a cooperative and collaborative teaching model with multiple international instructors on each course. Co-instruction allows for more individualized instruction, and the sharing and appreciation of different ideas. Visiting scholars are often incorporated into the curriculum to broaden student experience.

For more information, please visit our website at and/or email You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. For an alumni perspective on our programs, please see our new blog DANTAisms here for the Costa Rica dates.

Marine Mammal Medicine

A non-profit dolphin facility in Key Largo has started a program in Marine Mammal Medicine for students. Click here for more information.

Pediatrics Department at Harvard Medical School

Full-time Research Assistant positions will be available beginning in early summer with Dr. Leonard Zon, Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, HHMI Investigator, HSCI Faculty Member, and Director of the Stem Cell Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. The lab utilizes zebrafish as a genetic model to study the role of gene expression in hematopoiesis, cancer, and stem cell development. Under supervision, you will perform a variety of routine and specialized laboratory tests and techniques as well as work with zebrafish. Technicians will be required to perform standard molecular biology techniques, microinjections, microscopy of zebrafish morphology, tissue culture, and animal husbandry. The positions are excellent opportunities for those interested in later pursuing graduate school, medical school, dentistry, nursing, and other health related programs/professions.


If you are interested, email your cover letter and CV to Lab Manager Dr. Bruce Barut: Positions are competitive require a two-year commitment.

Teaching Experience for Undergraduates

The TEU program is accepting applications for the summer 2018 math and science programs through February 28th. TEU provides a rich summer experience for undergraduates from our 61 partner liberal arts institutions who are interesting in secondary STEM teaching careers. For the science flyer, click here. For the math flyer, click here.

Applications and recommendations may be submitting directly online at the TEU website.