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BI163: The Cellular Basis of Life

Fall 2015

Downloadable Laboratory Materials

Save paper--please print double sided when possible!

General Laboratory Information
Laboratory Objectives and Grading
Laboratory Schedule
Laboratory Safety Training Summary (Bring to Lab 1!)

Scientific Analysis and Communication (General Resources)
Working with Statistics
Guide to Writing Scientific Papers
The Experimental Method
Biology Writers Usage Manual
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Lab 1: Week of September 13
Use of the Compound Light Microscope
Collection and Observation of Cells

Lab 2: Week of September 20
RBC Permeability to Different Solutes
Problem Set: Working with Statistics (Due Lab 3)

Lab 3: Week of September 27
Prodigiosin Production in Serratia marcescens
Data Analysis Sample Data (Do not print-for use in lab!)

Lab 4: Week of October 4
Writing and Reviewing Scientific Papers (Due Lab 5)

FALL BREAK: Week of October 11
No lab meeting this week!

Lab 5: Week of October 18
The Effect of Antibiotics on the Growth of Escherichia coli B

Lab 6: Week of October 25
Amylase Activity in Hordeum and Mya

Lab 7: Week of November 1
Use of the Micropipette
Restriction Mapping of Plasmid DNA
Enzyme Paper Peer Review Form (Bring three copies to lab!)

Lab 8: Week of November 8
No new handouts this week.

Lab 9: Week of November 15
Glycolysis and Fermentation in Yeast

THANKSGIVING BREAK: Week of November 22
No lab meeting this week!

Lab 10: Week of November 29
Light Reactions of Photosynthesis
Introduction to a Literature Critique (Due Lab 11)
Link to Prodigiosin Paper
Literature Critique Glossary

Lab 11: Week of December 6
No new handouts this week.