Laboratory Schedule

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Date Location or Lab Project
Week 1 Prepare for first lab

What should I do this week?
Soil Analysis Flowchart
Field Data Collection Sheet
Worksheet for site summaries
Instructions for site reports

Week 2 Perkins Aboretum, Colby College

Plant list for Perkins
Site Report for Perkins Hemlocks

Week 3 The Mountain, Belgrade

Side trip to the bog

Plant list for The Mountain
Surficial geology of Belgrade
Site Report for The Mountain
Partial bog list
Special plant list for the bog
Link to bog website

Week 4 Oxbow Trail, Waterville

Plant list for Oxbow
Site Report for Oxbow

Week 5 Alonzo Garcelon Wildlife Management Area, Vassalboro

Plant list for Alonzo Garcelon
Site Report for Alonzo Garcelon

Week 7 Permanent Forest Plots 1

EREN Permanent Forest Plot Project

Week 8 Two coniferous forests in China

Plant list for China School Forest
Surficial geology of China
Site Report for China School Forest

Week 9 Field Exam Soil from The Mountain
Soil from Perkins hemlock forest
Soil from Messalonskee floodplain
Soil from Alonzo Garcelon
Week 10 Permanent Forest Plots II

EREN Permanent Forest Plot Project

Week 11 Stomatal density of sun and shade leaves Stomata Analysis Study
Brief overview of inferential statistics
Week 12 Reproductive strategies of maple species

Seed Dispersal Study
Introduction to correlation

Week 13 Permanent Forest Plots III

EREN Permanent Forest Plot Project
2011 Colby Tree Data