Preparation for Class


So that you can make the most use of your time in the field next week, you will want to begin to learn your woody plants before we go out. I strongly recommend that dowload the plant list for each week from the lab schedule website, print the plant list, and bring it to the lab with you.

It is a good idea to try to study the plants for each week before we go out. You can make index cards with the common and Latin names, if you like, and fill in identifying characteristics later.

You might want to study sections of the Forest Trees of Maine manual put out by the Maine Forest Service, look at photos at the Dendrology at Virginia Tech website, or study species descriptions in the optional text.

As the semester goes on, we will develop a collection of specimens that you can study in the lab, and we will put a lab key on reserve in Olin so that you can study after hours.

Make sure to dress for the weather, wear long pants, sturdy shoes, and preferably a long-sleeve shirt unless it is very hot. We will be going off of the trails.