Colby College Biology Department

2010/11 Colloquium Series

Fridays at 1 pm in Olin 1 (except as noted)





Oct 1


Dr. Lisa Mangiamele
Bowdoin College
Host: Cathy Bevier

Neural mechanisms of call recognition and female preferences in túngara frogs

Oct 15

Derek Luke
Master Brewer, Coastal Extreme Brewing Company
Host: Frank Fekete

Beer: on Powerpoint, on your pallet, and through a microscope

Nov 5

Dr. Ki Goosens
MIT, McGovern Institute for Brain Research
Host: Tariq Ahmad

Redefining the stress response: a new biology for treating pathological fear and anxiety

Feb 10

Dr. Loren Walensky

Harvard University and

Dana-Farber Cancer Center

Host: Jeff Katz

Dissecting and drugging pathological protein interactions with hydrocarbon-stapled peptides (Keyes 105: 4:30 PM)

Feb 18

Dr. Michael Dellarco

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Host: TBA

The National Children's Study: an update of the vanguard phase

Apr 1

Dr. William Friedman

Harvard University

Host: Jennifer Winther

Darwin's "abominable mystery" and the search for the first flowering plants


Apr 22

Dr. Clarissa Henry
University of Maine, Orono
Host: Josh Kavaler

Roles for cell adhesion during vertebrate muscle development

Apr 29

time: all day

Colby Undergraduate

Research Symposium


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