Study Abroad Programs


There are a number of programs sponsored by Colby in various countries around the world. For a full listing, you can access information through Colby's home pag. The Biology Department's statement concerning off campus study also lists a number of approved sites. Several of the programs that have been of particular interest to our students in Biology are highlighted below.

Colby is a member of a consortium that sponsors the Center for Sustainable Development Studies. Sustainable development is studied in conjunction with conservation biology of tropical ecosystems, political and social systems of Costa Rica, and directed research. Work is done in a variety of locations, including cloud forests, rain forests, agricultural areas, small villages, and urban areas.

In addition to the opportunities mentioned above, Colby students may participate in a variety of programs all over the world. A list of approved programs is available through the Off-Campus Study Office. Biology students have recently studied in at Universities in Scotland, Wales, Australia, as well as several other European countries. Through programs such as The School for Field Studies and The School for International Training, students have studied in South America, Latin America, Africa, Australia, and the South Sea Islands. Most of the latter programs are for one semester only.

Colby is an affiliate with The School for Field Studies, giving us a preferred status in placing students into their programs. Grades from their programs come directly to the registrar at Colby rather than the student having to request a transfer of credit though another school.