Ramone - the Special Suprise Guest at the 2/12/00 invitational!

Blue Lights '99 -'00

Jon Allen '00 - tenor
Chris Davis '00 - baritone
Michael Kevin Farrell '00 - baritone
Chris Ireland '00 - bass
Scott Friemann '01 - bass
Geoff Albert-Bolinski ' 02 - tenor

Neil Crimins '02 - tenor
Monty Hobson '02 - baritone
Michael Pincus '02 - bass

Peter Chapin '03 - tenor
Gib Gerard '03 - baritone
Scott Maggs '03 -
Jonathan Moro '03 -
Evan Woolley '03 -

Pictures of the 2/12/00 invitational!

Stayin' Alive!

Pete on 'Kiss Him Goodbye' (nice shirt)

Monty and Davis

The King of Spain

Davis: The top of the BL Social Pyramid

Andy Smith: back in the saddle again.

Blue Lights Annual Retreat (not to be viewed by minors):

The Superheroes Spa Concert! (11/19/99)

The Dream Team: Mr. Clean, Zoro, and Superman

Michael Pincus fulfilling a lifelong fantasy and dressing as Wonder Woman.

Gib Gerard - Blue Light Man

Spiderman spraying his web stuff into the crowd during a song.

Monty Hobson as Richard Simmons joins the Superheroes

At Truckers' Diner (Smokey the cook in the middle)

Jon Allen at the Newman Council Benefit Concert