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The Blue Lights Story

Nestled deep in the dark tundra of the Colby campus there exists a brotherhood: The Blue Lights are Colby's second oldest male A Cappella group, united by the goal of creating a relaxed, euphonious sound.

In 1994, Colby freshman, Andy Smith, sought to create a new type of group, and plastered the campus with flyers in the hopes of generating interest. Jared "He's so" Fine, Dave "Sweets" Goldman took Andy's bait…and thus the Blue Lights were born.

What a long strange trip it's been. In the Spring of 1997 we cut our first album "Laid Back and Funky, 95 bpm." . In 1998, our second CD, "Copyright Infringement " was released, and in 2003 our latest CD "Out of the Blue" graced record stores across America. We're currently working on our newest mélange of lyrical goodness, set to come out in the Spring of 2005.

In between platnums, we've kept it real by singing here on the hill, and by traveling to other schools such as Wellesley College, Harvard, and Williams. Also, last year we had our first 10 year reunion, and learned why Andy Smith was so laid back and funky for all of those years (pocket liqour is a beautiful thing).

Anyway, we have an awesome time doing whatever it is we do, and we are incredibly thankful for the support from our fans and other groups here on campus. Additionally, invites from other schools, and the paternal guidance of Colby's Paul Machlin have helped us through those cold winter nights. Shine on you crazy diamonds...

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