Campaign News

Campus Campaign Victory Celebration
Bro speaks at the Reaching the World campaign victory celebration in Waterville

A victory celebration for the Reaching the World campaign was held Oct. 15 in Pulver Pavilion on Colby's campus. The campaign, which ran from 2005 to 2010, surpassed its ultimate goal of $370 million, raising a total of $376 million for targeted i...   read more >>

Donor Profiles
Janice Griffith '62, Colby Overseer
Janice Griffith '62 Janice Griffith will never forget the day she opened a letter from Colby offering her a full scholarship. “Little did I know then the journey for which Colby would lay the foundation and provide direction,” she said. Because generous donors to Colby made it possible for her dream of a college education to come true, she is showing her appreciation by endowing a scholarship that will help to realize the dreams of future Colby students.
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Lee Rankin '03
Lee Rankin '03 A history major and African-American studies minor at Colby, Lee Rankin was captain of the track team . . .
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Gifts at Work
Davis United World College Scholars Shine
Shelby M.C. Davis Many of Colby’s Davis United World College (UWC) scholars would have had very limited options for post-secondary education if not for the Davis United World College Scholars Program.
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The Goldfarb Center
Lovejoy lecture The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement facilitates collaborative teaching and research among faculty members and students from different disciplines.
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