Waterville Kickoff Photos

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Fireworks over Johnson Pond (Click photo to enlarge)
Taiko Drumming at a World Music Dessert Reception
U.S. Reach in Today's World
Paul '52 and Mimi Russell Aldrich '52
Leslie Cohen, Sister of Doug Schair '67
Schair Family and alumni center cake
Kurt Swenson '67 and Thomas Watson III '67
Gabe Adams '06, Tim Stenovec '06, Elizabeth Turner '06, Kickoff Reception
Joe Boulos '68, Board of Trustees Chair
Joe Boulos and Kickoff Dinner Guests
President William D. "Bro" Adams, Kickoff Dinner
David Ng '06, Speaker
Miki Starr '07, Speaker
Sheri Boulos, Joe Boulos 68, Dick Schmaltz '62, Bro Adams, Lauren Sterling
The After Eight
Dancing to Jim Ciampi and the Manhattan Nine

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