Foot Soldiers of the Campaign: Alumni Fund Volunteers

Hope Palmer Bramhall '56
Some 600 alumni volunteers each year help raise Alumni Fund dollars for the Reaching the World campaign. Without their hard work and willingness, the quality of a Colby education would be greatly diminished. What inspires them to take on this responsibility? We asked some young Alumni Fund volunteers to share their thoughts.

“When I think back on my Colby experience and what made it so special, I instantly think of the people in the Colby community—fellow classmates who I learned from and grew with, brilliant professors who greatly enhanced my view of the world, and caring administrators who helped make the experience all that it could be. I am excited to give back to Colby because I’m making a difference for future generations of Colby students.”
—Kendra Perry ’98

“It is important not to count younger individuals out of philanthropy.  Colleges need to engage those in their twenties and thirties now and continue to keep them involved and learning about the school’s mission and needs, so that in years to come, when they are able, they will feel connected and want to support their alma mater. I also enjoy my classmates and look forward to catching up with them. I am not asking them for money, I am asking them for their support. This is an easy sell, as so many of us look back at our Colby years with great memories.”
—Julie Williams ’01

“It seems fitting that the skills and relationships I developed at Colby are the very same tools that I can utilize to help the Alumni Fund campaign. If my business experience helps us reach a fund-raising goal, and if my friendships with my classmates lead to increased participation, then the growth in value of my Colby degree, combined with the opportunities that are made affordable to students worldwide, truly creates a win-win situation.  For me, volunteering is a very easy decision to make.”
—Eric Gordon ’96

“I loved my four years at Colby and recognize that much of what makes it such a great place today is the backbone of alumni support—financial and otherwise. I choose to volunteer for the Alumni Fund because it provides the critical support that allows Colby to continue to thrive as one of the best liberal arts colleges in the world.”
—Derek Taff ’04

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