Anne Fraser Baer McKeen '48

Anne Fraser Baer McKeen '48 and Sid McKeen
Anne Fraser Baer McKeen has lived all over the world but is hard-pressed to pick a favorite spot. Tanzania, with its beautiful animals, scores highly, but so does Singapore.

For Anne, living abroad was nothing new. She was born in the Philippines and lived there until just before World War II broke out, when a well-timed vacation returned her family to the States. Because her parents were from Aroostook County, Anne spent the war years there. She entered high school in Houlton at age 12, graduated at 16, and went on to study psychology and sociology at Colby, her mother’s alma mater.

After the war, Anne’s parents returned to the Philippines, and Anne soon followed. There she met her first husband, William “Bugs” Baer, to whom she was married for more than 50 years, until his death in 2001.

No matter where she was in the world, Anne never forgot her time at Colby. Her fond memories prompted her to consider leaving a bequest to Colby, as her mother had. Putting her money in a charitable trust, she realized, would provide her with an income. She set up a charitable remainder annuity trust, which pays a fixed percentage of the value of the trust—providing income to Anne during her lifetime—and reduces estate and income taxes.

“Colby gave me a great broad background in liberal arts,” Anne said. “I’ve always been grateful for that. I have a great deal of affection for the place. The trust is a bit like paying Colby back for this great education. I just enjoyed those four years so much!”

Anne is now married to someone who played an important role in her four Colby years. Two years ago, Sid McKeen ’49 tracked down his college sweetheart at her Florida home. The two renewed their acquaintance and recently became one of the College’s newer Colby couples.
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