Strengthening Bonds

Emiko Boezeman '11
Emiko Boezeman ’11

As a student Emiko Boezeman ’11 enjoyed having connections to the Waterville community. In her four years as a student working in the Colby Fund Office she was impressed by the strong bond that exists between alumni and the College. Now she'll become a member of the local community herself and will take her place working full time with alumni volunteers. At the end of June, the Concord, N.H., native will join the Colby Fund staff as assistant director. She will work with the youngest 15 classes not in reunion years, the Senior Pledge effort, and the phonathon program.

“It’s really inspirational working there, because I’ve worked on a lot of projects for alumni and parents. What’s really cool is that all of the alumni and parents who are involved with the Colby Fund are volunteers. They give their time, and it shows how important Colby was to them, not only when they were here but even now, outside of Colby. Hopefully down the road we’ll be in the same boat, able to give back to the College the same way they do,” said Emiko.

As a student Emiko volunteered for the Evening Sandwich Program at a local church. Working with the Colby Fund staff increased her connection to the Waterville community—she even coached some of the staff members’ children in youth soccer.

Emiko majored in science, technology, and society, and minored in anthropology. Courses in her major explored the history of science and technology and their impact on society today, which appealed to Emiko because it bridged the scientific world and the general audience. “It’s really just communicating what you learn in the science world to make it really accessible,” she said.

For her 2010 Jan Plan Emiko did an independent study in Japan looking at science, technology, and society in everyday Japanese life. She traveled around Japan exploring how technology influences modes of communication and transportation in Japanese culture. “It was exciting because I was able to incorporate my studies in both STS and anthropology,” she said. Later she used the research in her senior project.

This year Emiko served as co-chair of the Senior Pledge. “Senior Pledge is like a stepping stone into the Colby Fund and alumni giving. Our theme this year was ‘Value the Experience.’ We wanted our class to recognize the experiences they had over the previous three years and to pay tribute to their time here,” she said. As of June 16 the Senior Pledge had raised $4,304 with 75 percent participation.
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