Still Serving Colby 68 Years Later

Nels and Kaye Corey
Kathleen (Kaye) Monaghan Corey ’43

The United States was still mired in World War II when Kaye Corey graduated in 1943 and became class agent. It was the year Dwight Eisenhower would be named Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and the year Doris Kearns Goodwin '64 was born. Now, 68 years later, Kaye, a tireless and innovative Colby supporter, is still serving her alma mater. She is currently Colby's eldest agent and says she enjoys the opportunities the job offers.

"One of the real joys of being a class agent is being able to keep in touch with friends and classmates over time. I cherished my time at Colby and appreciate the experience I had there," said Kaye, who majored in sociology and minored in psychology. "I had to work throughout my college years, initially washing dishes at Foss Hall and eventually becoming the head waitress," she said. But she still found time for numerous activities—Chi Omega sorority, the Outing Club, the Pan-Hellenic Council—and she won the Albion Woodbury Small Prize in Sociology. She also was elected queen of the Winter Carnival in her junior year. A student during the transition from the old campus downtown to the current one, she said, "I felt a great deal of pride in being part of the first graduating class to live on Mayflower Hill. That was very exciting."

After receiving a Red Cross scholarship, Kaye earned a master’s degree from Boston University’s School of Social Work and later worked as a psychiatric social worker. "I always thought the field of social work was a good one to be in, not only because I enjoyed it so much but also because there usually were jobs available wherever we lived," said Kaye.

Kaye's other volunteer efforts include serving many years on the Alumni Council, volunteering for the Career Center, working on several reunion planning committees, sitting on the editorial board for the Colby Alumnus, and serving as class president. Her 1988 Brick Award citation read, "Ms. Corey’s life and Colby’s welfare have interwoven for almost 50 years, and all that time she has been a tireless and innovative supporter of her college." Since then she has added 23 more years of work on behalf of her alma mater to that résumé.

Kaye is married to Nels Cory, a Bowdoin graduate (’39) who has been a teacher and coach. They have two sons, Charlie and Jeff, and three grandchildren.
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