George ’51 and Priscilla Ford Haselton ’51

George Haselton spent his freshman year at Norwich University in Vermont, but when he transferred to Colby, he immediately felt at home. He fell in love with Colby—and with rocks—in his very first course with Professor Donaldson Koons. The course sparked a fascination that led to a Ph.D. and 30 years as a field geologist. It also brought him together with classmate Priscilla Ford, who later became his wife.

“I felt like I belonged,” George said. The president, faculty, and students all contributed to make Colby feel like a family. Priscilla recalls having Sunday dinner with President Bixler, who still remembered her 25 years later.

The Haseltons have responded to that warmth with longtime support of Colby, establishing two charitable remainder trusts. One was funded with stock, and a little-used house on Cape Cod funded the other. The trusts provide income for the Haseltons and helped them avoid capital gains taxes. Eventually the trusts will finance a scholarship for geology students.

“I think everyone benefits from this kind of arrangement,” Priscilla said. “It pays dividends as well as any other financial arrangement, and you feel good about it at the same time.”

George and Priscilla have proudly watched Colby’s transformation over the years, from the days of the “Blue Beetle” shuttle bus, which ran between the College's old downtown location and the new Mayflower Hill location, to today’s beautiful modern campus. The Haseltons also are impressed with the progress in technology available to students and the diversity of today’s student body.

Some things, however, are timeless: “The friendships you make and the spirit you find on campus are just amazing,” George said.
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