Emily Mahlman ’01

Emily Mahlman '01
College is becoming increasingly expensive, and many students need financial aid in order to attend. Emily Mahlman wants to help others—especially those who love Colby as much as she does—to get an excellent liberal arts education and to have the kind of transformative college experience she had. That’s why she gives to the Colby Fund each year.

“I know through my experience as a tour guide that [Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid] Parker Beverage and the admissions staff put a great deal of effort into ‘creating’ a class,” she said. “And I believe each and every person who is accepted and wants to attend should have the opportunity to do so.”

Emily counts her Colby years as some of her best and counts the friends with whom she shared those dynamic growth years as some of her closest. “That bond of shared experiences is truly unique. I also am still close with professors,” she said. “Those relationships speak volumes about what a special place Colby is.”

Since graduating in 2001, Emily has pursued a career in journalism. She earned her master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and currently works as a writer for NBC News. While working in a previous position, at CBS News, she was delighted to be able to arrange a radio interview with her former professor Cal McKenzie, Colby’s Goldfarb Family Distinguished Professor of American Government.

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