InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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News & Upcoming Events
If you are not receiving IVCF group emails and would like to, please let us know by emailing Mary Fletcher (

We welcome all students to any of our weekly events, listed on the right.  You can get the most up-to-date information from the email list.  We recognize that the locations may not be the most well-known places: Rose chapel is in Lorimer, just sort of around back, nearer to Heights; the Newman Council room,  "home-base" for the Catholic club on campus, is upstairs in the Pugh Center.  Let us know if you want help finding your way - we can even send someone to walk with you to your first event!

Weekly Events
Bible Study

Women: Wednesday 8:00 pm Rose Chapel (tentative)
Men: Tuesday 9:15 pm East Quad Lounge

Friday Prayer

Friday 9:00pm
Newman Council room

Dr. Allen's Bible Study

Sunday 7:00 pm
Meet at a 6:45 at the Pugh steps to carpool

Mid-week Worship

Thursdays at 8
Rose Chapel