Standards for the CMC Belay Test

In order to pass the CMC belay test, one must be able to:

  • Put on their harness correctly, with all three buckles doubled back
  • Tie in with a figure 8 follow-through (through the swami and the legs, NOT the belay loop) whose tail is AT LEAST twice the size of the knot
  • Properly attach themselves to the anchor webbing with a locking ‘biner through the belay loop, load a Gri-Gri properly, and clip it into their belay loop.
  • Can properly double check themselves and their partner
  • Can belay properly with the Gri-Gri (i.e. the brake hand never leaves the rope, and switches brake hand position with rope in the "locked" position), as well as lower the climber safely and under control
  • Knows and can use the proper command sequence (as follows)

Belayer  - "On belay"

Climber  - "Thank you"

Climber  - "Climbing"

Belayer  - "Climb"


Climber  - "Take"

Belayer  - "Ready to take"


Climber  - "Off Belay"

Belayer  - "Belay Off"

Upon successful completion of the belay test, new belayer’s name must be written down on a notecard, marked with "Indoor Belayer", belayer’s signature, tester’s signature, and the date.