Colby Outing Club Cabin

General Information

The Colby Outing Club maintains a lake front cabin on Great Pond in Oakland, Maine. It's an ideal place for Colby students, faculty and invited guests to enjoy the outdoors in a scenic and peaceful setting. Members are encouraged to visit the cabin and take advantage of the still-water canoing and kayaking, go for a swim or relax with a book.

Arguably, the best way to enjoy this site is to spend the night with friends, falling asleep next to the campfire and waking up to the loon calls. If you're interested, the first thing you need to do is read our Cabin Policy. This will explain the fees and regulations associated with using this great Colby Outing Club service.

As of July 2014, we are undergoing renovations to the cabin. We are not able to rent it out at this time, but we're hoping to be up-and-running by September 1.
Cabin Availability
Use & Guidelines

The Colby Outing Club has worked hard to provide a peaceful, clean place to escape from campus life through the creation of the new cabin on Great Pond. Through careful management and cooperation with the members of the Colby community, we hope to keep this cabin in great shape for as long as we can.

Reservations are accepted well in advance, upon payment of the modest cabin fees, and can be canceled for a full refund ten days in advance, and for half refund up to twenty four hours in advance. To make reservations, email the cabin managers to check on availability. If the date(s) you requested are open, they will schedule you in. Payment must be received within two weeks of your initial reservation to hold the date(s).

You may pick up the key for the cabin from Colby Security in Roberts.

There is a hefty fee of $50 for lost keys for the cost of re-keying the locks and issuing new keys.

Fees and Availability
Day use of the site, as long it is not abused, will be allowed for no charge, except when the cabin is completely reserved. This reserved state will be posted on the tree below the Colby sign at the beginning on the driveway. Please respect this rule and the privacy of those who have reserved the cabin for private use.

Day use does not include the use of the cabin or cooking facilities as those are reserved for registered guests. You may barbecue on the fire pit or grill if they are operational and, of course, have access to the outhouse.

In order to preserve the atmosphere of the cabin, no more than 6 people are permitted to stay at the cabin each night.

In its current state the cabin is a great asset to our community though the club is eager to improve the image and utility of this site. The cabin has been recently renovated to address the needs of the Colby community and now offers a year-round outdoor retreat.

The Outing Club is very proud of this site and we are eager to introduce the cabin to the rest of the Colby community-- come by the office and we'll help you get there!

1.  Depart Colby by the 3-way intersection by Johnson Pond.  This is RICE RIPS RD and it immediately passes over interstate 95.  Follow this 1 mile (downhill, over train tracks, short uphill), until it ends at a stop sign.

2. Take a LEFT onto ROUTE 23 west and follow for 1.3 miles until you reach a light at a 5-way intersection.

3. Go STRAIGHT (Bear RIGHT of the Oakland Furniture Store) onto ROUTE 11.

4. STAY ON ROUTE 11, you will travel over a couple of hills and pass a small pond on your right.  Slow done when you reach a 200 yard grove of pine trees preceeded by a Lion's Club shield.  Half a mile after going through this pine-sheltered you will

5. Take a RIGHT onto TAYLOR WOODS ROAD and follow for 0.7 mi.  (If you miss this turn keep going until route 11 ends and take a right onto route 8 north)

6. Turn RIGHT onto ROUTE 8 which is Smithfield Rd.  Follow for 0.8 mi.

7. Turn LEFT onto SNUG HARBOR ROAD a dirt road. [WARNING: it is possible that this sign no longer exists so pay attention to road signs,  You should pass Hatch Cove Road (on left), then Damren Road (on left) and then Snug Harbor will be the next left].

8.  Please travel slowly on Snug Harbor road as the residents are very sensitive.  Soon the dirt road will come to a fork.  Bear RIGHT follwing the faded wooden Colby sign.

9.  Take your next left to the Cabin.  There is parking available on your left when descending to the lake, please DO NOT park at the water front.

Feel free to bring your boats and other toys along with your bathing suits.  During warmer months Outing Club canoes may be available for use.  There is also a large lawn with a cook-out area and a fire pit that mau be utilized.  Please practice LEAVE NO TRACE, take all your rubbish with you.

Enjoy your day at the cabin and have fun!!

Procedures & Fees

So you want to go to the Cabin?? Great! The first thing you need to do is read this procedure which will explain exactly what you need to do.

Cabin Check Out Routine

1.  Read the policy (on the homepage)

2.  Email one of the cabin managers to check on availability. Bring payment to the Office of Campus Life or mail a check to: Jordan Bermingham, 4284 Mayflower Hill, Waterville, ME 04901.

3. Fees:

COC Officers $10 per night

Colby Student COC Members $15 per night

Colby Student Non-members $20 per night

Colby Alumni $40 per night

Colby Faculty/Staff $50 per night


4. Pick up key from Colby Security.

5. At the cabin, write in the journal, have a good time, and enjoy  the lake!  Please DO NOT LEAVE ANY FOOD at the cabin.  Remember to bring your own water, wash your dishes and carry out your  trash.  Leave No Trace principles apply here--Pack it in, Pack it out.

6.  Lock the cabin and turn in the key to Colby Security.

Good luck and have fun!