50th Reunion

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A Night to Remember

The first new person I met that weekend was Sandy Pearson Anderson '52. On Friday night, I walked into Given Auditorium and saw a few scattered women here and there--and one sitting alone, looking through the handouts distributed for that weekend. I went over and introduced myself to Ms. Anderson, as her name tag read. "Oh, don't call me that," she said. "Please call me Sandy." After a quick reception, the sixty past and present 'Ettes headed back into Given to kick off the reunion weekend by rehearsing for the next evening's concert. When Janice Greenwald '01 introduced us all to Sandy, the founder, I felt a pang of guilt for not having known that she was the one responsible for the past fifty years of Colbyettes....

We spent the rest of that evening rehearsing our group songs, Basin Street Blues, Colbiana, and Patterfugue, by splitting up into parts and learning our parts by piano, music, tapes, and most importantly, by memory. I was amazed at how the women from across the generations remembered their music so perfectly and naturally. When we regrouped to put the parts together, it was as though not second had passed since each woman's day as a Colbyette. There was not a note or beat off. We blended. It wasn't exactly a cappella, but we were still the Colbyettes. The beauty and rich meaning behind the harmony was overwhelming, enough to move one (anonymous) 'Ette to tears...

At the concert on Saturday night, the 'Ettes presented themselves in a rainbow of colors, women from each generation wearing a certain color: white for 50's, green for 60's, yellow for 70's, violet for 80's, red for 90's, and blue for 2000's. The evening began with Yuki Kodera '01 and the 2000-2001 Colbyettes singing So Young. The concert continued in chronological order by year, interspersed with the three group songs and various speeches. Early in the program, Sandy Anderson spoke about founding the Colbyettes (notice how she said 'Ettes?), the first female a cappella group at Colby. She expressed her gratitude for those women, present in the chapel that evening, who had kept and keep the spirit of Colbyettes alive. After songs from every generation, the concert ended with the resounding group song Colbiana, performed as an encore for the composer Peter Rey, present that night in the chapel. At the beginning of Hail Colby Hail, Mr. Rey stood, from which the entire audience followed suit. The concert ended with a powerful tribute to Colby, our "alma mater dear" that allowed for such a meaningful tradition as the Colbyettes.

As so many of us expressed that night to you, thank you, Sandy, for founding the Colbyettes, something that evidently has meant so much to all the women who been a part of it. And thank you to all the Colbyettes, past and present, for making our 50th Anniversary such a memorable occasion and most importantly--for keeping Colbyettes alive throughout the years.


Halls of Ivy

'Ettes from the 50's and 60's joined by men from the Colby Eight and
the Megalomaniacs in Halls of Ivy.


Everyone singing Colbiana

All of the 'Ettes and the guys singing Colbiana.


Hawaiian War Chant

Hawaiian War Chant #1


Breaking Up

"Instead of breaking up I wish that we were making up again...."
("making up" or "making out"?!)


Passionate Kisses

Chrissy Barnett '99 sings Passionate Kisses



Melissa Trachtenburg '99 leads the 'Ettes in Why



The 2000-01 Colbyettes joined by Hilary Smyth '00 and Brenda Yun '00 in Runaway



Yuki Kodera '01 conducts the group in Colbiana