About Us

Cecelia Conroy '14

Cecelia Conroy '14 is from Windham, Maine (about 20 minutes outside Portland). She loves sequins and is one of the girliest girls you will ever meet. Even though she has lived in Maine her entire life, she still hates wearing practical footwear in the winter. Having sung for years throughout middle school and high school, she is so happy to be able to continue singing at Colby. She considers the Colbyettes her second family and does not know what she would do without them! She is double majoring in English and Sociology and hopes to go to grad school for social work. 

Kim Johnson '14

Kim Johnson '14 is from just north of Chicago, Illinois. Although everyone claims she has a Chicago accent, she refuses to believe them because she knows she is an East Coast girl at heart! Her favorite food is lobster, she loves anything pink, and she idolizes Lilly Pulitzer- if she had it her way, she would wear a Lilly shift any day, even during Maine's chilly winters. Kim has a passion for sailing, and she enjoys skiing, swimming, camping, and photography as well. And singing too, of course! Joining the lovely Colbyettes was perhaps the best decision she has ever made. Kim is planning on double majoring in psychology with a neuroscience concentration and English with a concentration in creative writing. Her lifelong goal is to write a book, so look for it in the future!

Meredith Braun '15

Meredith Braun '15 is from Nashville, Tennessee. Hailing from the hot and humid South, she decided to retreat to the frozen tundra of Maine for a much needed cool-down – and so she could maybe finally blend in with her pale skin. She has been singing for as long as she can remember, and one of her favorite pastimes is singing in her car at the top of her lungs with the windows down. She is a double English and French major with a minor in Environmental Studies (what can she say, she wants to learn everything!). She is notorious for over-dressing for any event – just ask her friends – and can usually be seen wearing plaid, boots, Ralph Lauren Rugby, or any combination of the three. She also enjoys solving Sudoku puzzles in her spare time, wearing novelty socks, and bragging about her ridiculously handsome brother. The Colbyettes are like her family and it makes her sad to even think about what it would be like without them in her life. She loves them so much, in fact, that she is already planning on them singing at her wedding. No pressure, though...

Olivia Avidan '15

 Olivia Avidan '15 is from Harrison, New York, about 30 minutes away from New York City. Though she enjoys the occasional bustling day in the city, she would rather be surrounded by trees and hear beautiful birdcalls; perfect rationale for living in Maine!  As a Biology/Environmental Science double major, she has a passion for "exciting" ecology facts. She is a member of the Colby Swim Team, but also enjoys running at slow paces in the off-season (particularly with her dalmatian, Alex).  Olivia loves coffee and chocolate, floral patterns and cheering up her friends. Her favorite thing to do is sing while playing her guitar and her dream is to perform a show (her parents would love to see her at Mainely Brews!). Needless to say, she absolutely loves the Colbyettes and is so happy to be part of such a wonderful, caring (and quirky!) group!

Freter '15

Lindsay Freter '15 grew up in the little beach town of Scituate, MA.- (uniquely) just 30 minutes south of Boston. Spending summer days at the ocean, she spent the winters skiing with her parents and sisters in New Hampshire. Lindsay took architecture courses and an art history course on a whim in high school, which inspired her to pursue art at Colby where she is an art major with a con­centration in Photography. Lindsay first fell in love with singing when, as a kid trying to imitate Britney Spears and Beyoncé, she realized she had a decent voice of her own.  When not rehearsing with the Ettes, Lindsay spends her time in the darkroom or writing a weekly fashion column for the school newspaper, The Echo. She also loves to play guitar and figure skate. One of Lindsay’s biggest interests is fashion, and while she loves Boston and its abundance of shops, she figured Waterville, ME would be friendlier to her bank account.  But in exchange for Boston retail, she has the Colbyettes who she will forever refer to as “mah gurls.”

Bridget Olsen '15

Bridget Olsen '15 is from Eliot, Maine, which is about two hours south of Colby on the coast. She enjoys singing, ice-skating, the beach, golfing, tennis, running, skiing etc. etc. etc. She is a a CA in Coburn and she wuvs it. She is a pre-med major in Global Studies with a concentration in something interesting. She will be in school until she's 32-ish, awesome right?

Elena Schreiner '15

Elena Schreiner '15 was born in Philadelphia, PA, but has spent the majority of her life in Winston-Salem, NC. Although she loves the food and friendliness of the south, going to school up north has been a refreshing change. She is a History major with a Religious Studies minor, yet wants to pursue a career in nursing or physical therapy in the future. She has been singing since she was little, from belting The Beatles in the shower to “Bohemian Rhapsody” in high school talent shows. Along with singing A Cappella, she runs the hurdles on the Varsity Track and Field team at Colby and mentors a fourth grader at a local school. She adores her big Italian family, reading Jane Austen novels, North Carolina’s famous barbeque sandwiches, playing James Taylor on the guitar, and doing anything outside. Being a part of the Colbyettes has been so much fun! 

Walker '16

Emily Walker '16 was born in Tokyo, Japan and grew up in Lexington, MA. Visiting Rhode Island’s beautiful beaches on summer weekends as a child, Emily grew to love the ocean for all of its vibrancy. She now studies Biology and Environmental Science at Colby and aspires to be a marine biologist. While Emily has an irrational fear of even the tiniest of spiders, she holds a great affinity for Great White Sharks! Emily has been singing since she was in fourth grade and is so passionate about it that she sings in two other groups at Colby. When Emily is not singing in the Colbyettes, Chorale or Chamber Choir, she enjoys running, scuba diving, learning any nerdy marine science fact and collecting Essie nail polish —just ask to see her collection—! Emily loves the Colbyettes and is so grateful to have found such a caring, beautiful family of sisters on campus!


Emily Severance '16

Kinsey Crowley '17

Kinsey Crowley '17 is from Ellsworth, Maine (Downeast bub), near Acadia National Park. Living in the most beautiful part of Maine, she grew up loving to hike, canoe, etc. She went the boarding school at Northfield Mount Hermon where she fell in love with Acapella in an all female group called the Nellies. Kinsey sings or beatboxes in all her spare time when she's not dancing or skiing. Kinsey's other great passion is for animals and hopes to be a Veterinarian some day. She spends her summers at Maine Coast Veterinary Hospital  where she cuddles with sick animals all day. She is SO excited to get to sing with such an awesome group of girls that she can't help but dance all rehearsal, every rehearsal. 

Genevieve Liston '17

Genevieve Liston '17 was born in London, England and grew up in the city before moving to the Suffolk coast and learning to love the countryside. She is passionate about art, literature, fashion and of course, music. She has been singing ever since she can remember; from her debut performance in her third grade talent show singing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' from the Wizard of Oz, to theatre productions and singing and recording for charity events. She is aspiring to be a double major in Art and English with a concentration in creative writing, with the hopes of possibly pursuing a career in fashion retail and one day becoming a published author. It's a long way from home, but since moving to the Hill she has irrevocably fallen in love with chai lattes, yoga, autumn days, Hershey’s kisses, and the Colbyette girls!