About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage positive interaction between Colby and Waterville.  It is our hope that Colby and Waterville will work together to enhance the overall town environment and promote the well being of all the members of the community.



The Colby Waterville Alliance was founded in 2003 as the Colby South End Coalition by students who wanted to improve the relations between Colby students and the South End of Waterville through awareness and civic engagement.  Historically, the Colby South End Coalition actively founded and participated in the South End Teen Center, the South End Learning Center, and the South End Neighborhood Association.  We changed our name in 2007 to reflect our broadening focus on the entire Waterville Community.



Jamie Warner: jmwarner@colby.edu

Jake Fisher: jfischer@colby.edu

Jess Lueders Dumont (Main Contact for South End Teen Center): jalueder@colby.edu

Charlotte Cutter: ckcutter@colby.edu


Erik Thomas

Alice Elliot: aelliot@colby.edu