Community Barrels Market

What is Barrels Community Market?

Barrels Community Market is a non-profit retail marketplace that will be opening in late June on Main Street in Waterville.  Barrels will be devoted to selling fresh locally and organically grown produce, meats, grains, dairy products, baked goods, locally produced tools, crafts, home goods, textiles, and pottery.  The marketplace will also feature a community event space that can host lectures, demonstrations, music and other related performances.

Ways to Get Involved

Art and Signage

  • help paint murals on the walls
  • design and paint signs and labels
  • create decorative art throughout the store

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Survey potential customers
  • Distribute flyers and information
  • Help build area partnerships

Physical Renovations

  • Help build shelve and display cases
  • Renovate walls
  • Arrange the space
  • General carpentry tasks

Stocking and Supplies

  • Help sort, arrange, and display the products
  • Interface with suppliers
  • Perform odd jobs
  • Help track down essential equipment and goods

Fundraising Efforts

Contact Information

Please contact Dave Gulak at to get involved with the Community Barrels Market.

For other Colby/Waterville related questions please contact the Colby-Waterville Alliance at