Club Constitution

Article I: Club Principles

This club aims to contribute to Colby education.  It shall not discriminate with regard to race, religion, age, ethnic or national origin, sex, physical ability, or sexual preference

Article II: Club Name

The name of this club shall be The Colby Fencing Club.  Our official motto shall be…

Article III: Club Principles

The purpose of The Colby Fencing Club shall be to promote and organize fencing and Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) activities on campus.  This includes practices, competitions, and fencing awareness promotional activities.

Article IV: Membership

Membership shall be open to all Colby College students.

Article V: Officers

Elected and appointed officers’ positions must be filled by Colby Students and are as follows:

General Officers

Lorie Gear McBride will be notified immediately of any changes in club leadership.

Article VI: Faculty Advisor

The club members shall select the faculty advisor to the Colby Fencing Club.  The advisor will be notified of all club business, including the regular practice schedule and future competitions plans.  The advisor may attend any and all practices and meetings and may propose meetings to the club officers.  The advisor may officiate in the officers’ absence.   The advisor must be present at Colby- an interim advisor must be found to replace a faculty advisor on sabbatical or away from Colby for other reasons.

Article VII: Duties of Officers/ Position Description

The Presidént’s responsibilities will include the following:

1. Acts as the club representative and contact to Colby and any outside groups and is to keep in consistent contact with Lorie Gear McBride (Director of Club Sports).

2. Oversees the health of the club by maintaining and improving training (practices, drills, exercises).  Also in charge of creating new drills and maintaining quality of personal skills among officers and members of the club.

3. Organizes the Officer Schedule to make sure at least one competent officer is present at every practice.

4. Attends at least 50% of the practices every week (may be split up if there is a co-presidency).

5. Delegation of miscellaneous jobs to vice-president and officers.

6. Is the holder of a key to the Fencing Closet.

The Vice-Presidént's responsibilities will include:

1. Creating the list of needed parts, equipment and miscellaneous items for the 

club at the beginning of each year and finding the best prices from various vendors on-line or otherwise.  All officers decide together what needs to be ordered.

2.      Is in charge of the club budget.

3.      Gathers information on competition schedules and works out competition dates for the club.

4.      Attends at least 50% of the practices every week.

The Armorer’s responsibilities include:

1.   Keeping the fencing closet organized and clean.

2.      Repairing equipment: fixing weapons, eliminating dangerous or out-of-date equipment, and assembling new weapons.

3.      Creating needed parts, tools and equipment needed lists.

4.      Training anyone interested in weapon repair and attempting to find a replacement for him/herself for after graduation.

5.      Is a holder of the key to the Fencing Closet.

General Officer duties are wide and varied and open but must be directed toward the betterment of the club.  The significant responsibility of officers will be to attend practices regularly and help run drills and bouts.  An officer may run a practice alone only with the permission from the Presidént.  This permission is given based on the mastery of footwork and parries.

VIII: Election Procedures

1. During the spring semester the acting Presidént and graduating general officers will announce nominations for the position of Presidént.  Nominees must be a club member with at least two years experience and have the dedication to lead the club until graduation.  If two club members are equally qualified and wish to work together, they may be nominated together and work in a co-presidency. 

2. During this time as well, nominations for Vice-Presidént shall be accepted from club members.  The Vice-Presidént must have at least one semester of experience with the club.

3. Both Presidént and Vice-Presidént shall be elected by majority vote of the voting members present.  All active members may participate in the elections.

4. The positions of General Officers and Armorers are to be filled by interested members under the following restrictions:

General Officers: Any active club member with one semester of fencing experience with the club or two years outside the club and a desire for responsibilities can become an officer

Armorer:  This position is filled by a general officer from the membership and can be shared by a few people.  It is a job held until the person/people graduate and experience is suggested but none required.  The armorer can be removed if delinquent in his/her duties by a ¾ vote from the general officers, Presidént and Vice-Presidént.

Article IX: Executive Committee and Special Committees

There shall be a permanent Executive Committee consisting of all the officers in the club and the faculty advisor.  The Executive Committee shall carry out the laws of the club, supervise and plan programs and keep club records.  The Executive Committee may, with the approval of the membership, assign such official duties as special reports, program chair, fund-raising chair, and others as needed, if no special committees exist for these purposes.

Article X: Meetings

1. At least one official business meeting of the club must be held at the beginning of each semester.

2. The Presidént may call special meetings at his or her discretion.  Members must be notified in advance of each meeting.

3. All club members will have the right to speak and vote at club meeting.

4. At any practice, ¾ of the officers shall constitute a quorum.

Article XI: Finances

1. Financial records and procedures shall be in accordance with the Club Sport guidelines.

2. The club budget can be used to yearly purchase equipment, tools, training devices, organizational items for the closet, gas reimbursement, car-rental, accommodation and club dinners.  It can also be used to pay the USFA memberships for members who attend at least 75% of the USFA competitions the club goes to in a year.

Article XII: Activities
  1. Practices shall be scheduled in the Aerobics room or other appropriate location at least three times a week.  The days must be chosen so every member can attend at least one practice a week.  Typically, at least one practice is on a Tuesday or Thursday and at least one is on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.
  2. Evenings, after 6:30PM are the best time-slots so as to avoid conflict with the indoor crew practices.
  3. The club should attend as many competitions in and around Maine as possible.
  4. The club should try to host a yearly competition if possible.
Article XIII: Hazing

Members of this club will not take part in any form of hazing in agreement with Maine State Law 26-A MSRA Section 10004.  Hazing is defined “…as any action taken or situation created intentionally by an organization or with the knowledge of consent of any ridicule to any member or prospective member”.

Article XIV Amendments

Amendments to this constitution may be adopted by a ¾ vote of the voting members present.