iTHINK, therefore iBIKE


iBike was founded by Colby students in the fall of 2008. By loaning bicycles to students and staff free of charge, iBike endeavors to improve both the availability and equitability of access to 1) sustainable transportation, 2) exercise, and 3) the downtown Waterville and the surrounding areas. Each bicycle comes with a helmet and a lock.


The program currently has 15 bicycles of differing sizes that students and staff may use for up to 24 hours at a time.  The availability of bicycles can be viewed through this website. Rentals are initiated through the Information Desk in Pulver Pavillion during operating hours, and the bicycles are kept just outside the building. Late returns are subject to fines, as described in the online waiver. All students and staff must electronically sign this waiver prior to bicycle use each semester.


The iBike Committee encourages partnerships and activities with other student clubs and events. Please email us at iBike@colby.edu with any ideas.


For questions, comments, or to petition a fine, please email the iBike Committee at iBike@colby.edu.