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First Annual Colby Model United Nations Conference will take place from April 6-7, 2013. Register for more information.

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Colby Model UN attends the second largest national Model UN conference in the world. This year we represented Albania, and as a group we were part of several committees. The issues discussed can be either historical or contemporary. The most exciting part of any of these events is the opportunity to become strategic and create alliances that will be beneficial towards the interests of the nation one represents (As long as the alliances are realistic). 


Colby Model United Nations deals with a variety of issues ranging from economic to health related problems. Model UN gives students the ability to use their research and communication skills to illustrate point of views that their representing countries have on a given topic. Unlike traditional Model UN clubs, Colby has had the initiative to deviate from traditional topics to more science fictional ones.

Contact Information

Faculty Adviser:  Kenneth A. Rodman

Student Contacts:  Carter Stevens,  Dan Sunderland