Carter Stevens (President)

Double Major: Government and History

Minor: German

I've been participating in Model UN since freshman year of high school, and frequently attended conferences at Northeastern in Boston, Worcester Academy, and Concord Academy in Massachusetts.  I knew I wanted to continue my involvement at Colby and joined up here freshman year, learning to participate in an Arab League format then and attending six of these conferences in addition to three Harvard Model UN conferences during my time here.  I've served as the club's Secretary, President, and currently as a Co-President, and am hoping to finish my time here by helping to organize and run Colby's first-ever conference.

Class 2013




Dan Sunderland (Co-President)

Major: Biology

I started doing Model United Nations at the beginning of my freshman year in high school.  I specifically joined at that time to start getting a better sense of how the world works at an international level.  MUN has exceeded all expectations in this regard and I enjoy it very much.  In high school, I attended one conference at Hamilton College and then two years of DartMUN conferences.  I received a commendation at my first DartMUN and a Best Delegate Award at the second one, both for my work in the World Health Organization.  I continued to do MUN at Colby, attending NERMAN, BAMAL, and HNMUN conferences.  I chaired the Committee of Social Affairs Ministers at NERMAL 2012.  As a co-president of the club, I feel that my job is to bring MUN to others and allow them to enjoy it as much as I do.

Class 2014