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Geoffrey Canada S.H.O.U.T! 2014 Keynote Speaker


Educator, activist, and education reform advocate Geoffrey Canada was this year's S.H.O.U.T! keynote speaker. Canada delivered his address to an audience of over 400; filling up Lorimer Chapel. Canada spoke about the problems within the U.S. education system and possible solutions young activists can aspire for. Afterward, he signed autographs and met with students at a meet-and-greet reception right after his keynote.

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The theme of S.H.O.U.T! 2014 was "MisEducation Nation." Our theme this year explored the problems of our U.S. education system and how much our society values education. We have all had different educational experiences that have impacted who we are today. Education is not only imperative for future economic success but also crucial in social development. Unfortunately, the current state of our education system has prevented all students from attaining their optimums and has actually created divisions among students based on gender, race, and class differences.

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