PCB Mission Statement

Our Mission

The Pugh Community Board (PCB) is a student-run programming organization at Colby College. PCB programs events in hopes of cultivating an increasingl
y aware, celebratory, and multicultural campus in which society and education are one. PCB programs come in a variety of forms, from lectures, to concerts, to film screenings, discussion groups, workshops, dance performances, and more. All events focus on some aspect of multiculturalism, be it gender, sexuality, race, religion, nationality, or any other form of identity—both individual and communal.

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The Mission of Colby's Pugh Center

The Pugh Center's mission is to promote multicultural communication and understanding. The Center serves as a catalyst for a variety of programs that support this mission and that assist in the College's efforts to foster a campus climate that embraces, supports and celebrates an increasingly diverse community. It also provides a safe space for Colby students who identify with groups that have been traditionally under-represented within the Colby community.

The Center offers a wide range of multicultural programs. In addition to those organized by members of specific clubs to affirm their cultural identities, the Center's Community Board (PCB) presents lectures, concerts, performances, exhibitions, and other events that affirm cultural differences and educate the broader Colby community regarding issues of multiculturalism.

The Pugh Center's building is the physical symbol of Colby's commitment to a multicultural society. It is a place for people concerned about multicultural issues to gather and to converse, a place in which resources are assembled to assist in the exchange of information about cultural histories, and the home for clubs in which their members can share common experiences and draw mutual support.