WMHB Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a DJ at WMHB! Please complete the form below to apply. All sections are required. Please contact info@wmhb.org if you have any questions.

Students, please enter dorm and room number.

Please list your cell phone number if possible.


If you will be hosting your show with another DJ, please write his or her full name (not DJ name) above. Note that ALL DJs MUST FILL OUT AN INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION.



WMHB's mission is to provide programming not available on area commercial radio stations. Although mainly emphasizing indie rock and alternative, WMHB also features Americana, blues, classical, hip-hop, jazz, loud/punk rock, techno, and reggae/world music. WMHB's core programming consists of new music received from up-and-coming artists. Being a DJ on WMHB means that you are privileged to participate in this process: playing music on WMHB directly affects an artist's career advancement. WMHB takes its unique gatekeeper role very seriously, and as such, all WMHB shows must contain a meaningful percentage of new music, typically around half of all music played. WMHB reserves the right to dismiss DJs who choose not to follow this format.

Your show description should contain a description of what genre(s) of music you intend to play, as well as a thematic description of the overall connection.

Example: my program is committed to a music experience that celebrates innovation, creativity and diversity by combining progressive pop, world beat, jazz, African, reggae, classical and new music

In general, using your first name, a variant, or a pseudonym works best for you and WMHB. Some show formats may allow utilization of a more creative on-air name. If this is the case, please provide an explanation of your on-air name.

An example of a tagline is: Clunie Tunes w/Paige - A refreshingly eclectic mix of fold and indie for your Tuesday evening.