Drying Racks

PPD will purchase and provide drying racks for any residence hall using the following process:

(a) EcoReps will talk residents of their hall and determine if there is an interest in using a drying rack. If one or more rack(s) is desired, the EcoRep for the residence hall will complete the document provided by the Office of Sustainability. The request can only be for the number of dryers in the laundry room for which the drying rack is requested.The Office of Sustainability will forward to PPD. After receiving this document, PPD will purchase the drying rack(s) and deliver to the hall laundry room at no charge.

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(b) The drying rack(s) will be added to the furnishings inventory for the building and is the responsibility of the residents of the hall. Rack(s) will be inventoried each month when lounge furniture is inventoried.

(c) If a hall decides they want to return the drying rack to PPD, they may do so at any time. A work order must be submitted by the CA/EcoRep via www.colby.edu/ppd requesting the pickup of the drying rack and PPD will pick it up at no charge to the hall.