Physical Plant Services in Residence Halls

About Physical Plant (PPD) Services in Residence Halls

PPD offices and shops are housed in the Physical Plant Building located next to the Alfond Athletic Center on Campus Drive (formerly Armstrong Road).

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The department is responsible for general maintenance of the campus with employees responsible for housekeeping, grounds, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, project management, and administration of the department. 

Normal working hours for PPD are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Crews are available, however, 24 hours a day for emergencies. After hours emergencies should be directed to Security at X5530.

How do I get rid of unwanted furniture?Residents are responsible for the college owned furniture in their rooms. If any furniture is unaccounted for at the end of the year, the residents will be responsible for the cost to replace it. To ensure this does not happen, furniture items other than wardrobes may be removed using the following procedures:
  • Read the yellow notice left in your room when you move in.
  • Contact PPD to identify the items you wish to have removed.
  • The items must remain in your room until picked up to ensure proper crediting of the furniture.
  • DO NOT place the unwanted items in the corridor or lounges since this is a fire hazard and they will not be picked up by PPD.
  • Keep copies of the work order number and/or receipts left when the furniture is picked up to document its removal.

Each room is provided a "FAQ about Heat" reference card at the start of the heating season. Please keep the card as it should help answer most of your questions. In general, try to ensure that the heating system is not blocked and that the thermostat/sensor is not getting a false reading (from something such as an open window or a heat generating appliance/lamp too close to it.) If one of these is not the cause of the problem, please contact PPD.

All concerns regarding cable TV should be directed to Media Services at x4239.

What do I do if my Internet connection is not working?
Computer connection problems are handled by ITS. You should contact Student Computer Services at x4224.

Does Colby recycle?
Yes!  Recycling centers are located in each of the residence halls. Students are responsible for bringing their recyclable materials to the recycling centers. Maine does use returnable bottles and cans, most worth 5 cents. PPD is continuously working to improve recycling and is always looking for interested students to help in both volunteer and paid positions.

How do I dispose of a CFL?
So you are being environmentally responsible and you have replaced that old incandescent bulb in your desk lamp with a compact  fluorescent bulb (CFL). That is great! But did you know that you cannot throw those CFL bulbs in the trash? Like all fluorescent bulbs, CFL's contain mercury and can impact the environment if not disposed of properly. If you have a burned out CFL bulb in your dorm room or office, simply submit a work order to have someone from PPD come pick it up and take it to a universal waste location to be disposed of properly. not put it in the trash! If you have CFL's at home, you cannot bring them to Colby. Please check with your local transfer station or hardware store for disposal locations.

How do I report problems with a washer or dryer?
Washer and dryer maintenance is handled by a local contractor. Please report problems to the ColbyCard Office at x4130.

Are cleaning supplies available to students in the residence halls?
We are hopeful that most students will clean up after themselves, so cleaning supplies are available in the custodial closets or through your hall staff. If blood or vomit is left, however, students should not attempt to clean up body fluids from other students. Contact PPD during normal working hours. After hours, you should contact your Hall Staff or Security to take appropriate action.

Where can I find a vacuum?
Vacuums are available in each residence hall. In most halls, you can obtain these by contacting your Hall Staff. If you have difficulty, please contact the PPD office to request one.

Does PPD ever enter a student's room?
It is the responsibility of PPD to maintain the buildings, however, we make every attempt to protect the students' privacy. We typically would only enter a student room when either (a) a room occupant has submitted a work order or (b) we have reason to believe there is an urgent maintenance reason to be in the room (i.e. a broken pipe in or above your room, an unexplained fire alarm sounds, a window is left open over winter break, etc.). Anytime a PPD employee enters a room without one of the occupants there, we leave a card letting you know who was there and why. When a work order is submitted, a student may request to be contacted to arrange a specific time when possible.