Safety Services

WORKSTATION ANALYSIS - The Safety Director, Bruce McDougal, performs ergonomic assessments of individual workstations on an as-requested basis. This analysis looks for stressors that could potentially contribute to wrist, elbow, shoulder, or back problems often associated with improper office ergonomics. 

WORKPLACE SAFETY ASSESSMENTS - Colby's Workplace Safety Advisory Committee performs regular safety audits of various departments and buildings throughout the campus. These audits cover the full range of fire, ergonomic, ingress/ egress, walking/working surface, and general safety issues. 

STATE OF MAINE MANDATED VDT SAFETY TRAINING - This training applies to anyone who performs four or more consecutive hours of work (exclusive of breaks) at a computer workstation. It is usually given in the fall, but individual or department-specific training can be arranged. 

HAZARD ANALYSIS AND OSHA COMPLIANCE - The Safety Director is available to evaluate potential hazards in the workplace and recommend solutions. In conjunction with Physical Plant and Security, and with assistance from all College employees, hazards can be identified and corrected. 

INDOOR AIR QUALITY ASSESSMENTS - The Physical Plant Assistant Director for Operations, Gus Libby, and Bruce McDougal have a wealth of experience in the identification and remediation of problems with indoor air quality. Airflow, humidity, fresh air makeup, and ventilation systems are evaluated for adequacy and function.  

Other safety training and programs run by the Safety Office include confined space entry, lockout-tagout, respirator safety, defensive driving, bloodborne pathogen safety, construction safety, fall protection, forklift training, and more. For information on these and other safety related resources, contact Bruce McDougal, Director of Safety, at extension 5504, or e-mail to