Campus Life


At Colby, learning extends well beyond the classroom. You’ll take part in activities that will build on your academic pursuits, enrich your experience, and create lifelong memories. In a diverse community, Colby students learn collaboration, self-governance, and wellness. They graduate as leaders ready to make a difference and achieve personal success in the global economy. That’s the Colby 360 plan.

communityCollaborative Community

Students say the community is one of the best things about Colby—campus just has that inclusive, welcoming vibe. Of course that feeling of community isn’t confined to life on the Hill. It extends into the city of Waterville, where students volunteer, catch indie films for a dollar at the local theater, and go out for sushi.

entertainmentEndless Entertainment

There’s always something going on at Colby. Students, faculty, and staff plan hundreds of activities and events throughout the academic year, including opportunities for community involvement, academic seminars, cultural celebrations, outdoor adventures, and big-name concerts.

Student Clubs and Organizations