Implementation of many aspects of Colby 360 has already begun and will continue into the foreseeable future.  Under the direction of the vice president for student affairs/dean of students, the student affairs managers group will oversee and manage the implementation process which will include developing and adhering to a clear timetable, designating individual staff members to serve as implementation supervisors for each of the component parts of the plan, establishing benchmarks to measure success, scheduling regular reviews of the plan, and working with the Office of Institutional Research to develop assessment tools designed to evaluate outcomes and overall effectiveness of the plan.  The preliminary implementation plan is detailed below.

Implementation Strategy

Implementation of Colby 360 will follow a disciplined and systematic approach. Beginning in October of 2007 the following steps will be taken:

  • Additional time will be added to the meeting schedule of the student affairs managers group/implementation team (hereafter I-team) to be designated specifically to monitor implementation of Colby 360.
  • Members of the student affairs managers group will be assigned as implementation supervisors for each major component part of the plans.
  • Detailed component implementation strategies will be developed and approved by the implementation team.  Component implementation strategies will include: a list of key stakeholders, short- and long-term action steps for achieving component objectives, cost analysis and funding plan, timetables and benchmarks, and an assessment strategy.
  • The I-team will develop a plan to regularly collect student feedback about residential and co-curricular education at Colby.  The plan should include both qualitative (e.g., focus groups, personal interviews) and quantitative tools).
  • The I-team will conduct comprehensive, semi-annual reviews of Colby 360 and progress on implementation.  Where necessary and appropriate, elements of the plan will be altered or abandoned.  Likewise, new component parts and objectives may be added as issues change and student life evolves.
  • The vice president for student affairs/dean of students will provide regular reports on the implementation status of Colby 360 to the President, senior administrative staff, and the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees.