To new and old members, I want to thank you for your interest in the Colby College Entrepreneurial Alliance. Smart and creative minds are our biggest asset. Although the EA is only two years old, we have accomplished quite a lot. Two Business Competition winners from last year took away $15,000 to start their own venture. Check out the Groupon feature on My Fresh Maine here. Due to an increasing interest in social entrepreneurship, the business competition this year opens a distinctive track for social entrepreneurs. In addition, we are working very closely with the Colby Social Entrepreneurs club on many collaborative events.

Shout out to whom attended our Colby Entrepreneurial Alliance and Kennebec Valley Entrepreneurial Network 2011 Kick-Off Dinner. We had a great panel of speakers.

Mike Duguay, Director of Development, City of Augusta
Roger Woolsey, Director, Colby Career Center
Erica Humphrey, Associate Director, Colby Career Center
Karen Heck, Co-Creator, Hardy Girls Health Women
Bill Card, Business Development Specialist, U.S. Small Business Administration
Marcus Josefsson, Co-Founder, MyFreshMaine
Mark Johnson, Senior Director, Conde Nast

Just want to quote Mark on the value of entrepreneurial experiences, “Some people call us pirates…since we are pirates, we should only care about the venture we take.”

Again, thanks for joining our pirate ship. We are looking forward to taking adventures with you.