Special feature of a KVEN event, Idea Factory.

What is an ‘Idea Factory’?  An ‘Idea Factory’ is a forum of people that are passionate about Entrepreneurship and where individuals with a concept for a new business, product or service would like to address the group and get their reaction and support.


·    Each presenter has 3 minutes to make their best elevator pitch

·    Presenters can use whatever means they wish in which to make their pitch (PowerPoint, etc.)

·    Ideas have to express something new (If in existence, then less than 1 year)

·    Pitches can be made for the creation of a non-profit or social enterprise

·    The first 20 who sign up get to present!  Everyone else gets to watch!


WHEN:  February 23, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

WHERE: Colby College, Diamond Building, Ostrove Auditorium

The Kennebec Valley Entrepreneurial Network (KVEN) is a network made up of Entrepreneurs, Colby College, Thomas College, UMA, Unity College, KVCC, Chambers of Commerce and those committed to Entrepreneurship throughout Kennebec and Somerset Counties

Those interested in being a Presenter, please contact Mike Duguay at 626-2336  or at mike.duguay@augustamaine.gov