LinkedIn is a great resource for finding connections and reaching out to alumni working in areas of your interest. The Colby College Alumni & Friends group has over 6,000 members and you have access to each and every one of them. The group is closed to only those affiliated with Colby College, and to join you must be approved. Login to LinkedIn and create a profile, or improve your existing one using this rubric available through CareerLink. When you request to join, someone from our office will review and approve your request. After that, you are free to go into the group and search the member directory. Within the group, click ‘members’ and then search as broadly or narrowly as you wish. The more broad your search, the more results you will get. By just searching simple words like “marketing”, or “biology” or “Chicago” will get you dozens of alumni connections.

Check in with the Career Center about your LinkedIn profile, finding alums, and how to appropriately connect with them online. When you want to reach out to an alum, keep your first message short and sweet, don’t ask for an internship or job, and make sure you mention how you found them. Again, check in with us and we’ll help get you started!