Our office has many ‘suggested templates’ for resumes, which provide a framework for articulating your experiences and qualifications in a clear, concise, easy-to-read way. This is great for most industries except for one: creative. Creative positions in marketing, advertising, arts, media, design, fashion, etc. are all about hiring a candidates personality, vision, and creative depth. How can you showcase that in a word document? You can’t! So, as creative people do, some have taken the resume medium to new dimensions in very interesting ways.

NOTE: Creative resumes are meant for creative positions. So, although you may be a creative person, if the position is not creative, then a standard resume should be used. This is delicate territory, and you should consult with the Career Center before you create and use a resume outside of the standard.

Instead of aggregating examples myself, I assumed BuzzFeed already did – and they have! Check out these 27 examples, which range in deviation from “traditional resumes”. Some are very similar, with more color, others are completely and entirely different. BuzzFeed claims you’ll want to steal these- and I discourage that. Re-appropriating someone else’s creativity is not the impression you want to give an employer. But, free yourself to be influenced on how you can make the resume truly be an advertisement for your brain: http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/impeccably-designed-resumes

And then let’s just jump right off the deep-end where people got REALLY creative: http://www.businessinsider.com/insanely-creative-resumes-2011-6?op=1

If you want to work in a position that requires you to think uniquely, be innovative, and sell a vision, you can’t submit a .docx. You’ve got to get into something like adobe and start building from a completely blank canvas. And as you’ll see, you can get pretty wild with it if you want!

Check in with the Career Center to talk more about a creative resume. There is a fine balance with being creative and still conveying pertinent information. We can help you find that balance.


Good luck!